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In Myanmar, the violence escalated to a new level just eight weeks after the coup.

On Saturday at least 59 people were killed in protests nationwide in different cities and regions, reported the medium “Irrawaddy News”. Among them were three children aged seven, ten and 13 years.

The news portal “Myanmar Now” even spoke of at least 91 dead in 40 cities by late afternoon (local time).

According to the United Nations, it is the “bloodiest day” since the coup.
The numbers are not official. The military does not respond to requests for comment.

Despite the threat of bullets in the head by security forces, large numbers of people took to the streets in Yangon, Mandalay and other cities to demonstrate against the February 1 coup.

The head of the military government declared on Army Day on Saturday that the military wanted to protect the people and strive for democracy. “Today is a day of shame for the army,” said a spokesman for a group of deposed MPs. The generals celebrated after more than 300 innocent civilians were previously killed.

On Army Day there were parades in several cities across the countryPhoto: EPA

Since the military coup in early February, there have been almost daily protests against the takeover. The demonstrators are demanding democracy and the release of the de facto head of government Aung San Suu Kyi. Your National League for Democracy (NLD) party celebrated a landslide victory in the November election. The military does not recognize this, however, as it is said to have been electoral fraud, and disempowered the civilian government.

The day before, there had been a threat from the military against the demonstrators on state television. “You should learn that you run the risk of being shot in the head and back,” it said on the MRTV broadcaster.

The aid organization for political prisoners AAPP estimated the number of people killed since the coup as of Friday evening at at least 328. According to their statements, at least a quarter of them died from head shots. This has led to speculation about targeted killings. With the incidents on Saturday, the number of those killed amounts to almost 380.

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