Bodo Ramelow: “We politicians are also at the end of our nerves”


WORLD: Mr Ramelow, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) asked the citizens for forgiveness on Wednesday because, together with the Prime Minister – including you – she passed a resolution that could not be implemented. Has the format of the Prime Minister’s Conference failed?

Bodo Ramelow: In any case, it makes no sense to let the next night session run like the last one. In terms of content, I stand by the Easter rest: Five days of breakwaters, so that we can slow down the over-dynamic infection process. In the end, this failed due to legal issues that could not be resolved during the night. It was clear to us that there were.

WORLD: In such a situation, why not say at three o’clock in the morning: We’ll interrupt and clarify the questions tomorrow?

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Bodo Ramelow politicians nerves


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