Bohlen’s DSDS representation: Gottschalk taunts in a live show against Dieter Bohlen



After Dieter Bohlen was eliminated from the jury, Thomas Gottschalk took his place in the live semifinals of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. He couldn’t help but say something.

In 18 DSDS seasons, Dieter Bohlen caused a sensation with his sayings. This is over with immediate effect.

RTL / 20 minutes

  • Dieter Bohlen (67) no longer takes part in the last two live shows of “Germany is looking for the superstar” and claimed “illness-related” reasons.

  • RTL replaced him for the live shows with TV legend Thomas Gottschalk (70).

  • “Titans can fall too,” he said on the show on Saturday evening.

Actually, pop titan Dieter Bohlen (67) was supposed to appear twice on the live shows of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, but nothing came of it. In a press release from RTL it was said that the Poptitan had canceled “due to illness”. RTL then engaged TV legend Thomas Gottschalk (70) for the live shows.

He used the opportunity on Saturday evening to give Bohlen a little swipe. Because the hit producer is sitting at home with a broken ankle after his exit from RTL – an injury he sustained while sledding in February – Gottschalk teased: “Titans can fall too. And that happened to Dieter. ” But he was also conciliatory: “Of course we want him to get up again quickly. Get well soon, Dieter! And I really mean that. And that is what distinguishes titans: When they are on the ground, they get up again. “

Shortly before midnight on Saturday it was clear at DSDS: Jan-Marten, Karl (30), Kevin (26) and Starian (19) made it to the final. One of them will be the new German superstar.

Bohlen speaks up on Insta

It is still not clear why Bohlen is out with DSDS and what exactly the “illness-related” cancellation is all about. In an Instagram story that the 67-year-old posted on Saturday evening, he commented on the DSDS for the first time and said: “I’m planning something big!”

It is assumed that the Poptitan RTL had become too expensive. Bohlen received 2.5 million euros for the 2020 season. An amount that RTL was no longer willing to pay. But Bohlen asked for even more money.

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