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Brazil is sinking into corona horror!

The country is the second hardest hit country in the world after the USA by the corona pandemic and it is getting worse and worse!

▶ ︎ More than 12.2 million people were infected.

▶ ︎ More than 300,000 have already died (USA: 545,000 dead).
▶ ︎ For the first time, more than 3,650 people died within a single day.

Scientists reckon that the AVERAGE will soon be up to 3500 deaths per day.

Experts attribute the development, among other things, to a variant of the corona virus that was detected in travelers from the Amazon region in January. “This new variant seems to have a greater rate of contagion. The cases seem to be developing faster ”, says the epidemiologist Diego Xavier, who works at the research facility“ Fundação Oswaldo Cruz ”(Fiocruz).

The variant has now been detected in many other countries, including Germany. It doesn’t have to be more deadly. According to a study, the vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer and AstraZeneca work better against them than initially thought. But because of the many infected people, the hospitals are full. In some places, patients can hardly be cared for.

Brazil’s health system is about to collapse and has already collapsed in many places.

The health system in Brazil threatens to collapsePhoto: Andre Lucas / dpa

Not only the remote Amazon metropolis of Manaus is affected, but also the south and southeast: São Paulo, Brazil’s richest city, and the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which was shaped by German immigrants.

In 24 of the 26 federal states and in the capital district of Brasília, the situation in the intensive care units is in “critical condition”. Hundreds are waiting for a bed or dying in line. There is a lack of medication and oxygen.

The Bundeswehr is in action and flew 80 ventilators into the Corona hell of Manaus on Friday.

“For our soldiers in the transport units, a flight like this may almost sound like a routine assignment. But we all know these days: It’s about human life and every single one counts, ”Ingo Gerhartz, Commander of the Air Force, told BILD.

All over the country, graves are being dug en masse, like here in Sao Paulo

Masses of graves are being dug all over the country, like here in Sao PauloPhoto: Other Pens / dpa

For example, stocks of sedatives and muscle blockers used for intubation are running out, as reported by BBC Brasil, citing the advice of health secretaries in all states.

Younger people are particularly affected. “People go out because they think they are just losing their sense of taste and smell,” says São Paulo State Health Secretary Jean Gorinchteyn. “And in the end they lose their life.”

According to Fiocruz, the increasing spread of SARS-CoV-2 has favored “worrying variants” such as the new P.1 variant. “The big problem is that this variant occurred in Brazil because the pandemic was already out of control,” says Xavier. “This happens – as in Great Britain or South Africa – where there are many cases and a high level of contagion.”

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro played down the corona virus from the start. Xavier says: “If the president continues like this and the contagion continues, there may be a new variant that does not respond to a vaccine.”

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Brazil Bundeswehr flies ventilators Corona hell politics


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