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Cairo (Egypt) – The world breathes a sigh of relief! After the Suez Canal was blocked for almost a week, the container ship “Ever Given” is free again!

The stern of the ship that ran aground was exposed on Monday morning, and the bow was later freed. On Egyptian television you could see the “Ever Given” moving slowly.

Before the successful rescue operation, the canal authority had announced that the waterway would be able to “work 24 hours a day” immediately after the ship was completely recovered. Nevertheless, it will still take “around three and a half days” until the ship congestion on the canal clears.

BILD provides an overview of the most important data and figures on the Suez drama. Cast off!
► The giant container is proud of its length 400 meters.

► That 59 meters wide The ship is roughly the size of the Empire State Building in New York.

Prohibition was on December 25th 2015 and Launch I have 9. May 2018.
► A diesel engine delivers 80 626 PS and enables one Top speed of 21.10 knots (39 km / h).

► On board the “Ever Given” are 18 300 Container.

► The 25 crew members are all from India, are doing well and are still on board.

► The pot has a gross tonnage (obsolete: gross tonnage) of 219.079.

Ten tugs tried the huge ship four directions to move.

► With success! The wedged ship could overturn 20 Grad be rotated. After the stern was exposed, the bow could also be freed a few hours later.

► More than 30 000 cubic meter Mud under the ship moved by suction dredgers, among other things.

The container ship (maximum draft of 15.7 meters) was partially exposed - now it has to be secured

The container ship (maximum draft of 15.7 meters) was partially exposed – now it has to be securedPhoto: – / dpa

► The Japanese owner’s ship ran aground on Tuesday. So the Suez drama lasted six days.

Last waited around 370 ships on both sides of the canal on passage, underneath 25 oil tankers. Several shipping companies had already started sending their ships across the Cape of Good Hope in Africa.

► Stuck on Saturday too eleven Romanian freighters with live animals on board – according to animal rights activists, it is 130,000 sheep.

Map: traffic jam in the Suez Canal - infographic

Costs per day run into the billions

► The 193 kilometers long Suez Canal is the shortest connection between Europe and Asia and the crucial corridor for crude oil and imported goods to Europe.
► Every day on which the Suez Canal is blocked, world trade costs between, according to a report by the insurer Allianz six and ten billion dollars.

The marine trade journal “Lloyd’s List” even goes by $ 400 million out – per hour!

In the year 2019 were about 13 percent of the total world trade volume promoted through the canal.

Egypt deserves that

In 2020 carried out according to the Suez Canal Authority 18 800 Ships the waterway, on average good 50 ships a day.

► The Egyptian Canal Authority took around 2020 $ 5.6 billion a.

► So far, the canal authorities have gone through the blockade daily income of about Lost $ 13 to 14 million.

► The blockade caused oil prices to rise. With the hope of resuming shipping soon gave the price of crude oil the Brent variety two percent to $ 63.67.

► China has been Germany’s most important trading partner with a mutual for years Trading volume from more than 212 billion euros last year. On the Trade route Germany – China go 98 percent the container ships through the Suez Canal.

► About eight to nine percent of all German goods imports and exports go through the Suez Canal.

Infographic: The expansion of the Suez Canal in Egypt

► Some countries have already started using the first ships on the Detour around the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). The detour around Cape Horn takes about nine to ten days or is around the route Singapore-Rotterdam around 6000 kilometers.

► Extra costs Fuel per day are around according to “The Sun” 23 000 Euro.

► Once the ship has been fully recovered, the canal will immediately “work 24 hours a day,” said the head of the Egyptian Canal Authority (SCA), Osama Rabie. But it is still “around three and a half days“Last until the traffic jam on the canal dissolves.

A spokesman for the Hamburg container shipping company Hapag said: “We hope that in the next six to eight days all ships will move. ”

► The “Ever Given” provided on February 9, 2019 in Hamburg for chaos. The pot was off course due to the wind and had crushed the port ferry “Finkenwerder” at the Blankenese jetty. In addition, a suction pulled the stern of the freighter towards the banks of the Elbe. Was built on the ferry and pier Property damage amounting to around one million euros.

They have

The “Ever Given” had a serious accident in the port of Hamburg in 2019 and damaged this port ferryPhoto: BREUEL-BILD

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Breakdown pot freed Suez drama numbers News


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