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Alchemy is an important topic in many video games and in various titles you also have the option of choosing the alchemist job class. With different resources mix her potions and sells them. They are often of use in combat. With Potion Party, developed by RP Games and published by FusionPlay, you open your own shop and manufactures substances. The indie title uses one Pixel graphic style. Your job is to brew as successfully as possible in order to collect gold and expand the shop. This in turn attracts new helpers with their own talents. Potion Party shines with one Multiplayer mode with up to four players. So you can complete the story missions together or form teams to see who can brew potions faster. The new title will appear on 8. April among others in Nintendo eShop. We have attached a trailer and an information text.

In which game did you choose the alchemist job class?

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Bring friends April potions Potion Party ntower


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