Britain under pressure! Now Johnson encounters pitfalls in the vaccination strategy


43 percent of the British population have received at least the first dose of vaccine, reports “”. A value that is enviable from the German point of view. But now there are several problems opening up for the country, which seemed to be a role model when it comes to vaccination.

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Great Britain: Doses for second vaccination are missing

Yes, it is true that in the kingdom almost half of the population received the first dose. But it is also part of the truth that millions of people (have to) wait for the second vaccination. One of the reasons for this is that Astrazeneca does not deliver the promised two million cans per week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a press conference a few days ago that citizens did not need to worry about their vaccinations. It has always been said that “some interruptions are unavoidable” in a vaccination program of this speed and scope. There are fewer vaccinations than planned and due to a delay in deliveries from the Serum Institute (“You are doing Herculean work”) and further testing of a load, there will be fewer vaccine doses in April. The second vaccination will continue to be given after 12 weeks.

An EU official now contradicts Johnson according to Bloomberg and rumbles that the British were “overzealous”. They would have given the first vaccination without backing up the second. Boris Johnson’s government now urgently needs EU help – but that’s where the next problem awaits.

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Dispute with the EU

“Blackmail” – this is how Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s Foreign Minister, called the behavior of British colleagues. Before that, EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen had chosen clear words in the direction of Astrazeneca at a summit. The manufacturer must first deliver the missing vaccine doses to the EU before more are delivered elsewhere.

30 million cans are to be delivered by the end of March – less than a third of the agreed amount. Johnson described such a blockade as “not useful”. He had warned that this could also block vaccinations that are produced for Biontech / Pfizer in Belgium, according to “”. Individual components are produced in England; Components for the Astrazeneca vaccine are again in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Boris Johnson turned to India in the face of the conflict with the EU. Last week he sent his confidante, Lord Eddie Lister, to New Delhi. The visit was supposed to guarantee new vaccine deliveries, but it was unsuccessful. In April the Prime Minister himself will travel to India.


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Britain pressure Johnson encounters pitfalls vaccination strategy


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