Britney Spears would have “had a better life without her father”


After the singer collapsed mentally due to professional and personal problems, a court ruled her father in 2008 Jamie Spears to transfer guardianship. This also includes managing your assets. The father had temporarily resigned from this task in September 2019 for “personal health reasons”. Montgomery stepped in.

Tried for a long time Spearsto release her father from this position. The US documentary “Framing Britney Spears“like Jamie Spears was awarded guardianship and since then has not only been able to determine his daughter’s appointment calendar, financial transactions and contracts, but also earns a lot from it. The documentary asks if someone can be both a global superstar and a barely sane person who needs to be put under control at the same time. Many celebrities then expressed their support for the singer under the hashtag “ FreeBritney”.

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Britney Spears life father


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