Bundeswehr: Ammunition affair: AKK initiates preliminary investigations against KSK General – domestic politics


Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (58, CDU) has initiated disciplinary preliminary investigations against Brigadier General Markus Kreitmayr (52) in connection with the ammunition affair in the Special Forces Command (KSK) of the Bundeswehr.

The CDU politician commissioned the military disciplinary attorney of the medical service, which is now examining a procedure before a troop service court. During the disciplinary preliminary investigations, Kreitmayr will remain in his commanding post, the dpa news agency learned from the Ministry of Defense in Berlin.

After numerous scandals, Kreitmayr leads a reform process in the elite unit of the German Army.

But he is heavily criticized. The allegation: Last year (until April 24, 2020) soldiers were able to anonymously throw hoarded or possibly stolen ammunition into boxes without having to fear criminal prosecution.

This particularly concerned ammunition that right-wing extremist soldiers are said to have illegally appropriated from the Bundeswehr. During the amnesty campaign, several thousand rounds of ammunition were collected – even more than were missing.

According to media reports, proceedings should have been opened against at least some soldiers. But that did not happen. Against Kreitmayr, therefore, the possible accusation of thwarting punishment is in the room.
The defense commissioner of the German Bundestag, Eva Högl (52, SPD), demanded an exact clarification of the allegations in February. She said: “A reform process has started. The accusation that has now become known of an ‘amnesty’ for possession of weapons and ammunition in the KSK is a considerable burden on the entire process of education and reform. ”

Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer now said: “Like every soldier, Brigadier General Kreitmayr deserves a fair and transparent procedure that also takes into account his motives and backgrounds.” the assumption of command by General Kreitmayr also raises questions to the command level of the KSK at least in 2017 and 2018 as well as to the responsible service supervisor. ”

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Bundeswehr Ammunition affair AKK initiates preliminary investigations KSK General domestic politics


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