Buy Corona rapid test: Here you can get the self-tests for at home – price, quantity


Corona rapid tests can now be carried out at home. The self-tests are available online, in the drugstore and in the supermarket. An overview.

Hamm – With CoronaRapid tests the government would like to cut the way for the corona virus to stop its spread early. In addition to free offers in pharmacies, test centers and doctors also sell Discounter and Drugstores Corona tests for At home. There are several test kits on the market, but the demand is enormous. (News about the coronavirus)

Sars-CoV-2 Medical name of the virus
Covid-19 Name for the disease caused by the virus
Coronaviren / Crown Name for a family of pathogens. There are different corona strains

Buy Corona rapid test: Here you can find the self-tests for at home

Aldi made the start – the discounter was the first to sell the tests. Within a few hours, everyone was there on the first day of sale Corona rapid tests sold out in stores. The drugstores dm, Rossmann and Müller followed up, but only in the online shop. Here, too, the lay tests were gone in no time.

Aldi Nord and Süd recently expanded their range again. The discounter is now selling test kits from three manufacturers. At other supermarkets like Rewe and Kaufland So far it has only been announcements – if at all – and soon too Corona rapid tests wanting to sell for home.

Buy corona rapid test: self-tests for at home at Aldi, Lidl, dm and Co.

An overview (note: the availability of the corona rapid tests in Stores and Online shops may change at short notice).

  • Aldi North / Aldi South: The discounter offers three different corona rapid tests in its branches, two packs of 1 for EUR 4.95 each (Boson Rapid, Hotgen Novel) and a pack of 5 for EUR 24.99 (Aesku.Rapid). The tests are available at the cash register, but they can sell out quickly. But: “Our branches are continuously receiving new goods,” Aldi announced.
  • Lidl: At Lidl, there are currently no corona rapid tests to buy in the branches. For a short time, the discounter had sold a test kit online (pack of 5, 21.99 euros). The offer was quickly sold out. At the beginning of March, Lidl announced that it would be able to start selling self-tests “shortly”.
  • dm: After the start of sales at Aldi, the drugstore chain dm had announced that it would also sell corona rapid tests in its branches. However, the company said it was not supplied in sufficient quantities. The tests are only available to buy sporadically in some branches. There are three different self-tests online at dm in single packs for 4.95 euros each (Hotgen Novel, Boson Rapid, Lyher Nasal). But: All tests are currently not available.
  • Rossmann: Competitor Rossmann also offers corona rapid tests at least online. Two test kits are sold as single packs for 4.99 and 6.99 euros (Hotgen Novel, Lyher Nasal). In the branches of the drugstore chain, there are currently no self-tests to buy.
  • Müller: Drogerie Müller offers the same rapid corona tests for the same price as dm, the test kits are currently sold out online here too. But: According to the company’s own information, the self-tests can also be bought in the retail chain’s branches. Probably whoever finds a test in the store has to be lucky here too.
  • Code: Without any major announcement, the household discounter Kodi has also added a corona rapid test to its range. The 1-pack for 4.86 euros (Lyher Nasal) is available in the online shop and, according to the company, also in the branches.
  • Douglas: Douglas is now the first perfumery to offer rapid corona tests. Test daycare centers from three manufacturers are available online for 7.99 euros (1-pack, Boson Rapid), 32.99 euros (5-pack, Aesku.Rapid) and 64.99 euros (10-pack, AMP). In the online shop there is a notice that you can reserve the tests in the branch. It is not yet known whether they can be bought regularly in the store.
  • Rewe, Penny: A spokesman for the retail giant Rewe has WAZ informed that the company has already received the first corona self-tests and are offering them to customers. Discount daughter Penny should receive first deliveries towards the end of the 12th calendar week. Both supermarkets do not yet offer any tests online.
  • Edeka: Edeka is now selling self-tests in its branches. In Hamm and Lüdenscheid, for example, signs indicated that Hotgen’s corona self-tests were available on request at the checkout – at a price of 4.99 euros each. Presumably the supply is not unlimited at Edeka either.
  • Real: The food retailer Real (soon to be Kaufland) is offering a test kit for 5.99 euros (1 pack, Hotgen) in its branches. There are many different versions of third-party sellers online – from packs of 1 (11.97 euros, Boson Rapid) to packs with 25 corona rapid tests (179.90 euros, lung).
  • Netto, Kaufland: In some cases, little has been reported from the Netto and Kaufland supermarkets regarding corona self-tests. So far, they are not available there either in stores or online.

How* reported, the drugstore chain dm wants to use so-called Point of Care Antigen Rapid Tests (PoC) * in the future. It is still unclear when the free dm test stations will be launched. It will probably be so far in April. – * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubric lists: © Daniel Karmann / dpa

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