Buy Playstation 5: Will the PS5 be replenished before Easter? The chances are high at these shops


When and where will the Playstation 5 be available again? The situation before Easter remains exciting. The chances of getting a PS5 increase.

Offenbach – Anyone who is already allowed to call a coveted Playstation 5 their own can consider themselves lucky. So far, many gaming fans have looked into the tube. Frustrated users share their experiences on Twitter. “Buying the # PS5 is like a lottery!” Writes one. Another is also angry: “Fun fact: I can buy a lot of games for the PS5, just not the console”. The anger is sometimes great, but PS5 fans shouldn’t despair. Because again and again, insider information penetrates the public with hot tips as to when and where the Sony console could be available again.

The Playstation 5 has been on the market for a while. However, there are still problems with the availability of the console. There have been no major sales waves since December 2020. Instead, retailers receive smaller contingents, which they then usually sell in online shops without prior notice. Gaming fans often have no choice but to keep an eye on certain shops and grab an offer immediately. The PS5 should only be ordered from official partner retailers, and there are good reasons for that.

Console name Sony Playstation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony
Type Stationary console
Release 19. November 2020
price 499 (with drive)

Buy PS5: where is the Playstation 5 available again? Insiders give tips

Because it is not uncommon for there to be a perfidious scam behind an apparently cheap offer. So-called “fake shops” offer the PS5 for sale, but only bag the money and buyers end up getting nothing. Another problem is scalpers. With the help of automated bots, they grab consoles from partner dealers and then enrich themselves with expensive resales. In one special case, parents of a disappointed child even messed with these “bots”. They tricked artificial intelligence with a hand-painted drawing of a PS5.

But also the retail chain Gamestop has already changed the sales strategy. Coming deliveries of the Playstation 5 should therefore only be bought in the branches after prior appointments. The console is still available online at other shops.

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In week 13, PS5 fans should definitely keep an eye on large retailers such as Media Markt but also Otto. There have already been smaller Playstation 5 sales campaigns there. The chances are also good with electronics retailers such as Euronics, reports “”. Expert also recently announced that they will soon make PS5 contingents available. A specific point in time was not mentioned, but the sale of the Sony PS5 could Start “almost anytime”, the retailer told gaming magazine.

  • These Sony partners should keep an eye on PS5 fans:
  • Those:

Playstation 5: Tips for buying a PS5 – keep an eye on the shops’ pages

The important thing is to stay tuned and be patient. Because even if the PS5 is displayed as “not available” again after a sales campaign, it can be worthwhile to keep looking at the pages for a while. In the event of cancellations or orders that have not been completed, these quotas are often reactivated on the site, explains “”. Internet and electricity providers also lure people with their offers. With a contract there is the Playstation 5 according to “” for example at 1 & 1 and Yello.

The new Playstation from Sony is in great demand. However, getting hold of one in the online shops is difficult. (Symbol image)

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On the other hand, it is unlikely that a dealer will offer quotas for the PS5 for two weeks in a row. Experience has shown that a shop will not offer the Playstation 5 again if it has already done so in the previous week. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for this. So it means keep your eyes open or look at the live marketplace stockX for the PS5, as reported by (svw) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Buy Playstation PS5 replenished Easter chances high shops


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