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To the delight of many fans, there was once again a supply of PS5 consoles. This time in the Saturn online shop. However, similar to MediaMarkt, the redemption is not possible.

Update from March 26th, 2021 – After the fans had to wait a long time again, it started again today at around 2:10 p.m. new PS5 consoles in Saturn’s online shops. This is not entirely surprising, as local sales of the PlayStation 5 have started in the markets in places. But with the renewed tightening of the corona measures, this is unfortunately no longer possible. So the electronics retailer seems the existing supplies in the online shop to want to bring to the man or the woman.

There were several offers for the PS5 to choose from today. Particularly exciting here, of course Bundles with a second DualSense controller or a PS5 game like Spider-Man Miles Morales or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. But as always, it was time to be quick again, because meanwhile the consoles or console bundles seem to be out of stock again. If anything should arise here, we will of course inform you immediately.

Buy PS5: Consoles at MediaMarkt and Saturn – collection must be stopped

Update from March 23, 2021: And that’s it again with the local sales of the PS5 at MediaMarkt and Saturn. Because of the announced lockdowns – which of course also affects the electronics markets – the new Sony console will probably be back for the time being exclusively in the online shops the dealer to be expelled. Click & Collect has now come to an end for the time being.

Update from March 18, 2021: Today we have a little more clarity regarding the situation of MediaMarkt and Saturn. In fact, it was confirmed that the PS5 was available for purchase in various stores across the republic. But that’s what it is around no normal console quotas. Rather, all employees were given the purchase of one of the coveted consoles as a bonus for theirs “Tireless commitment during the corona pandemic” offered, reports industry insider GamesWirtschaft.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

The PS5 consoles that made it onto the market were ultimately the models that were rejected by the employees and could therefore go on sale as normal. In addition, it was confirmed that MediaMarkt and Saturn currently all ordered consoles have been shipped. The main reference point for the PS5 would still be the MediaMarkt and Saturn online shops – so in retrospect, buying them in retail turns out to be an exception.

Update from March 17, 2021: The online situation of the PS5 remains confused, The console is currently on sale at Amazon. Other online shops are expected to sell again in the next week – but this has not been confirmed. However, there is currently movement in the retail sector. In fact, a surprisingly high volume of PS5 consoles was reported by various users in the city centers.

Partly whole Pallets of up to 50 consoles be found in the shop on site, sometimes the PS5 only on request sold from stock. If you have to go to your local MediaMarkt or Saturn anyway, it is worth taking a look at the games department or asking the employee. Due to the current corona situation, we would like to advise you against rushing to various shops – minimize contacts wherever you can.

Update from March 16, 2021: Good news for those who prefer to get their PS5 the old-fashioned way. Like the industry insider GamesWirtschaft now that is reported, players should actually use the new console saw in the retail trade and in some cases also bought them. For example, there are reports of pallets from consoles that have been shipped to the warehouse of the respective dealer.

Apparently we can reserve a Click & Collect appointment as a precaution – everything points to a larger sale of the Sony console in the near future. Only where is not yet entirely certain. The most likely contenders for this are likely to be MediaMarkt and Saturn the two are among the largest electronics retailers in Germany. Most recently, colleagues from TZ * reported a real curiosity: Dealer Alternate sold the PS5 in exchange for a letter of motivation *.

Update from March 15, 2021: Contrary to our expectations, Amazon has still not resold the PS5. Originally, nearly 15,000 consoles were expected to be sold in the past week. However, this did not happen for reasons that were not apparent. Now one expects that Mega sale for the current week. However, there is no confirmation from Sony or Amazon – so it is only about the current rumor about the PS5. There is also currently no news to report at MediaMarkt and Saturn.

Update from March 9th 2021: A big player rifles with his hooves. Amazon is apparently on the verge of the next wave of sales the PS5. According to the fairly reliable Twitter user @PSLetsPlayDE Amazon Germany is said to have received 15,000 new consoles from Sony. With this massive amount of new PS5s, some German users should be supplied. The assumptions made by @PSLetsPlayDE seem to be coming true: This morning the PS5 is already on sale at Amazon in Italy. The PS5 could be ordered here for a full 12 minutes until it was sold out again.

In Italy, the PS5 could already be ordered from Amazon this morning.

© Amazon/Ingame

If you don’t want to miss the sale at Amazon Germany, you should definitely stay on the lookout. Keep an eye on the Amazon site for the next few hours and, as @PSLetsPlayDE recommends, the PS5 in the wish list on Amazon. If the sales launch page is overloaded, the wishlist provides a more reliable path to the page where the PS5 can be purchased **. We wish you the best of luck and of course keep our eyes open for you.

Update from February 09, 2021: Apparently something is just about to happen. According to several media reports, it could seem that the next one within this week PS5 wave come. An official confirmation from Sony does not exist yet, but some indications already point to new ones Consoles in the trade. At the February 02 already sold, for example Amazon and OTTO smallest stocks of the coveted PS5. The Consoles were sold out within a few minutes, but the incident shows that after all that Pre-order madness the last few weeks also new ones Purchases can be accepted.

It looks similar with Media Markt and Saturn from, the last ones were delivered here in the past week Consoles that were pre-ordered at the end of the year. A real certainty about new ones PS5 consoles It doesn’t exist yet, but the internet agrees that it will either this week or next week PS5 replenishment will give. It remains to be seen whether this will actually happen.

Buy PS5: when will new consoles be available?

Original notification dated January 25, 2021: Hamburg, Germany – Sometimes you just wish you had better news to report. For example with the PS5where many Fans from Sony and PlayStation now just frustrated with that Scalper and the poor communication about supplies. Finally, all the signs indicated that still im January 2021 new Consoles should become available. Some Pre-order will probably also receive theirs this week Consoles, but should actually be a fourth wave of sales take place, stocks are likely to be more scarce than previously assumed.

Buy PS5: pre-orders will continue to be processed – supplies reserved

Apparently new supplies are the PS5 meanwhile in Germany arrived and many of the Consoles are currently being sent by Saturn and Media-Markt to pre-orderers who have been without payment for months despite having paid Consoles had to get along. Also at Amazon were last replacement deliveries for Fans offered their packages with the coveted Consoles have been lost in transit. However, new customers will probably have a limited opportunity to purchase one more with these stocks Order to do. After clearing the Pre-orders the remaining contingents will be small, if any for one fourth wave of sales left over.

Lately more or less large numbers could be new Orders for the PS5 on December 03, 2020. Since then you have had to be lucky spontaneously, occasionally Consoles with one of the serious ones Online retailer to get hold of. In general, however, the PS5 was completely sold out nationwide. Apparently, it could also be a few more weeks before really large stocks become available again. Gameswirtschaft is now reporting on sales of the PS5 that new Consoles for the public probably only in the second half of the February again to Order would be ready.

Buy PS5: New orders already in the US, similar problems at Microsoft

The greatest chances of one PS5 to have Fans so probably only in a month. Still, it could pay off to keep an eye out for new ones in the last days of January Offered keep open. Mostly there are new ones Sales of the Consoles announced in advance, for example via the social media Online retailer. For example, there have recently been new sales of the PS5 at GameStop in the USA, where attention was drawn to beforehand via Instagram and Facebook. Chains are similar to Saturn, Media Markt, Expert and Co recently proceeded in this country.

Buy PS5: Mega replenishment not until February

© ingame / Sony

In the case of the Xbox Series Incidentally, it doesn’t look much different. The Xbox Series X is struggling with delivery issues similar to that Sony console and is also practically completely sold out in this country. The smaller sister console Xbox Series S however, is with some Online retailers currently available for sale and has been posted on the shop websites of Media Markt and Expert already spotted. For that would have to Fans accept some well-known compromises in the technical area from Microsoft. ** Affiliate Link * and are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubric lists: © MediaMarkt / Saturn / Sony

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