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No more clean slate – so far, Amazon has been free of fraudulent offers on the PS5. But now console bundles are appearing at a horror price. Fans are outraged.

Hamburg, Germany – The scalpers just can’t be beaten. Since the pre-order phase before the release of the PS5, they have been on the Reseller-Websites on the Internet, trying to make a profit on Sony’s next-gen console at exorbitant prices. In doing so, they sometimes resort to bold methods and even if fans and websites find a way to restrict them somewhere, they reappear elsewhere. In the meantime it even seems to have the first Scalper to Amazon devious where a few days ago „Bundle“ the PS5 showed up, which is clearly not from Amazon itself.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: Dubious bundle on Amazon – exorbitant price and false information

As the colleagues from GamePro report, on March 1st a bundle appeared on Amazon that consists of a PS5 und Demon‘s Souls exists as an enclosed game. Basically a good idea, for many fans of the Soulsborne games, the remake of the classic from FromSoftware is the ultimate reason to buy one of the next-gen consoles. When looking at the requested price for the alleged bundle but gets dizzy right away. Full 1.499€ should fans for consoles and games lie down, which would correspond to a price of almost 300% of the recommended retail price.

The price of a PS5 with just one game sounds bad enough on its own. However, it becomes even more dubious when you look at the more detailed information on the offer. Initially, the PS4 was specified as the platform of the game, for which Demon’s Souls was known not to be released. In addition, the Product Information not a serious-looking model number, but ‘playstation_4’. The supposed bundle was almost certainly an obvious one Attempted fraud and the fans noticed that too. The alleged offer was quickly accepted negative reviews bombed. In India, too, PS5 fans revolt against scalpers and fraudsters.

PS5: More fake bundles discovered by scalpers – be careful when buying

The fraudulent offer for the PS5 bundle of console and Demon’s Souls has been since then already removed been. Another, not much less brazen bundle is still available on Amazon. Here again a PS5 and game are to be sold, in this case with Sackboy: A Big Adventure in the PS4 version. The last known price for it was also rich 1.270€. At first glance, a little less than the Demon’s Souls bundle, but this costs € 99.50 Shipping costs added. Other providers also offer this package for € 1,499, although nobody will fall for this usury so quickly if you look at the bombastically bad reviews again.

PS5: Scalper now also on Amazon – sell bundles for 1,499 euros

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If you want to buy a PS5, you should urgently get your own Amazon product page hold, even if this of course only has supplies on offer in extremely rare cases. But Amazon is not the only online retailer in the world and either other Websites have repeatedly released contingents of the coveted next-gen console for ordering in the past few weeks. Most recently, for example, there were supplies of the PS5 at Otto and Spielgrotte. We will keep you updated when there are new consoles to buy anywhere online.

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Buy PS5 Price alert Amazon console bundles fire


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