Buy PS5: sold out at Mobilcom-Debitel? You still have chances!



If you want to buy the PS5 from Mobilcom-Debitel, it is currently displayed as “sold out”. With this tip, you might get a console after all.

At Mobilcom-Debitel you get PS5 bundles.

  • Mobilcom-Debitel offers the console together with a mobile phone contract.
  • It is currently “sold out”, but the PS5 could be available again at any moment.

At Mobilcom-Debitel you can buy the PlayStation 5 together with a mobile phone contract. You can access the offer via this link.

Currently, the console is often displayed as “sold out”, but you shouldn’t give up just yet. At any moment the PS5 could be available again, because after credit checks, some orders could fail and then you have the chance to buy. This was the case with the campaign a few months ago. So stay tuned for a few more days!

At Mobilcom Debitel Order PS5 with PS Plus

In addition to the PS5 and the tariff, the package from Mobilcom-Debitel includes two annual subscriptions to Sony’s online service PlayStation Plus. This entitles you to online multiplayer and monthly free games.

The offer at a glance:

  • PS5
  • 10 GB LTE Internet-Flat
  • Telefonie-Flat
  • 24 months of PlayStation Plus
  • 100 euros deposit
  • 40 euros connection price
  • 42 euros per month

Your alternatives

You can currently get the PS5 from O2 with a mobile phone contract. Alternatively, you still have the offer at 1 & 1, where you decide on a DSL tariff.

You can also get a console with the electricity offer from Sparstrom. There you have to expect a delivery time of a few weeks. Elsewhere, we’ll show you where you can buy a PS5 without a contract.

You can also order a PS5 on eBay or StockX, but we advise against it as the prices are too high.

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Buy PS5 sold MobilcomDebitel chances


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