Buy PS5: Twitch-Bot detects new consoles – alert for replenishment


When a replenishment of new PS5 consoles appears, it is important to be quick. So that you finally get a PlayStation 5, a Twitch bot is now helping.

Update 17.02.2021 – Even yesterday it was unfortunately not possible to use a PS5 (Alle PS5 News) in Online-Shops to buy. But loud supposed to be selling new Consoles actually start today or tomorrow. When the Replenishment should come and what extent the PlayStation 5– Unfortunately, it is not yet clear that there will be quotas. But when it comes to bots, there is now news.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Stationary game console
Generation 09. Console generation
Storage medium Blu-Ray
Release 19. November 2020

PS5: New Twitch bot appeared – so you won’t miss a console wave anymore

For all Germans Online-Shops how Amazon, Saturn, OTTO, Media Markt, Euronics, GameStop, Computeruniverse and more, there is now an alternative PS5 Twitch bot that seems to work a little more reliably and more PlayStation 5 provider has in view. So if you still haven’t been able to buy a PS5, you can just get the Twitch-Stream on the side run to his chance at one Sony console to increase.

Update from 02/15/2021 – As expected, there was no new one on the weekend Replenishment an PS5 consoles from Sony. Although some media like my-mmo, or batch assumed that some Online-Shops still new PlayStation 5-Could activate quotas, unfortunately this did not happen. But the chances don’t seem to be bad at the moment that new ones this week PS5 consoles will be available to buy. In order to be really successful with the order, you can easily use the Twitch-Bot use, because you can find a little further down in the text. This will automatically sound the alarm if a new one Replenishment an Consoles in Online-Shops can be unlocked

Update from 02/14/2021: This weekend, too, fans tried one another PS5 to to buy. But unfortunately the big one stayed Replenishment an Consoles so far unfortunately. And even today it doesn’t look like that with new ones Consoles is to be expected. But the isolated sales of PlayStation 5 consoles in the past week have shown time and again that it is in Online-Shops every now and then it can be that smaller contingents are released. So that you don’t miss it, we recommend the Twitch-Bot from xMellowbagx, who will tell you immediately if there are new ones PS5 consoles Are available.

Update from February 11, 2021: Hamburg – you still haven’t made it your way PS5 to to buy? Then you should from now on the Online-Shops of Amazon, Saturn, Media Markt, Expert, OTTO and have more in mind. According to many media reports, the next may result PlayStation 5Sales wave namely start at any time. After a lot of pre-orders with new ones last week Consoles many seem to have been equipped Online-Shops now the next large delivery of Sony to have received.

When and to what extent the meanwhile fourth Sales wave now finally starts is not yet entirely clear. So that you will be the first to notice, you can describe the one below Twitch-Bot use. This easily informs you when the PS5Contingents in the respective Online-Shops can be unlocked.

Update from December 3rd: Before only in America, now also in Germany – A Twitch-Bot can you guys to one PS5 help. Of the Bot runs on one Twitch-Kanal around the clock and updates itself automatically. You can see the current ones Availabilities of the PS5 with the German providers. So can Fansif a Subscription at a Dealers is activated, see this immediately and head straight to the respective website.

At the moment the Twitch-Bot on the Twitch-Kanal by xMellowbagx. Shouldn’t you have one PS5 be, it is worth stopping by there from time to time, because Contingents can sometimes be activated suddenly. So use the Bot, to the Scalpern with their Purchase bots to come beforehand – La Résistance! Also the Availability the Xbox Series X, which is currently also sold out is, is from that Twitch-Bot detected.

First report from November 27th: Tokyo, Japan – There is currently a great rush for the new ones PS5 consoles of Sony. Only a few customers were actually able to secure a console during the pre-order phases. Due to the currently still small number of consoles, the prices on markets such as Ebay rose massively. A Bot on Twitch should now ensure that potential customers feel carefree PS5 can order at home.

PS5: Sony console prices skyrocket after being sold out in the market

On the release day of the PS5On November 19th, most consoles sold out in just a few minutes. Because of this, many could Fans not a new one PlayStation and are now desperately looking for a solution. This solution actually exists, but it costs a lot because the PS5 is currently being offered by resellers. The PS5 traded at a resale price of around 800 euros, 300 euros more than on the market. However, this absurd method seems to be taking effect, and buyers are always found.

The reason for the high sell-off in the market could actually be precisely these resellers who are now offering their console at exorbitant prices on the net. Apparently, these various bots are said to have tried to buy a PS5 quickly. That led to countless Fans hands were tied, the console was no longer available. That is why many are the one PS5 wanted to get hold of it, now dependent on the reseller market. eBay Classifieds also made an ironic statement with a post on Twitter:

PS5: Twitch-Bot should help potential buyers – automatic availability check

Because of the fast sell-out of the PS5 there is now a live stream on Twitch, in which a Bot takes care of Fans to help. This is automatically updated permanently and shows the current availability of the PlayStation console in all shops. You can watch this livestream on Twitch follow the user killercam1020, so you will be easily brought up to date.

Using this Bots is it Fans now possible about the availability of the PS5 without having to keep an eye on several websites. The markets that stock the PS5 to be checked are Amazon, GameStop, Target, Bestbuy, Newegg, Walmart and AmazonUK.

PS5: Bot on Twitch helps desperate fans

© dpa / Ronny Hartmann / sony / pixabay (assembly)

Unfortunately there is such a live stream of the Bots for US and UK dealers only. You don’t see German providers in the live stream, so this stream is not necessarily interesting for German customers. Still a good idea to do a lot of work for buyers. In addition, the live stream appears Twitch also very well received, because it reaches an average of over 1,000 viewers.

Rubriklistenbild: © wikipedia / sony / pixabay (Montage)

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Buy PS5 TwitchBot detects consoles alert replenishment


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