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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has now advanced to third place in our inside digital ranking. In addition to the classic models A51 and A71, it completes the podium in popularity and proves in figures that Samsung has apparently landed a hit with the device.

The “Fan Edition” improves the basic model of the S20 where fans want it and removes features elsewhere that were not absolutely necessary. This is noticeable in the price. The FE version was already significantly cheaper than the normal S20 at the market launch.

Galaxy S20 FE: The popularity rises, the price falls

The Galaxy S20 FE is now available at Saturn from 501 euros, for example. Individual offers at Ebay dealers or on the Amazon Marketplace sometimes even offer it cheaper (price comparison).

It is important to distinguish between the LTE and 5G versions. Only from the S21 series is 5G mandatory at Samsung, with all previous series – including all S20 devices – you have to decide when buying whether you need access to the new network in the future. And then pay extra accordingly. The 5G version of the smartphone with 128 GB of storage space at Saturn now costs 586 euros – the original price was 749 euros.

5G or not 5G – these are the differences

The main difference between the LTE and 5G versions is the processor. Samsung installs an Exynos chipset from its own production in the LTE variant. Sounds good at first, but is unpopular with many experts. The Samsung processor is considered to be less powerful at the top and at the same time more energy-hungry than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 used in the 5G device.

→ Galaxy S20 FE LTE bei
→ Galaxy s20 FE 5G bei

In this article we compared the two FE devices in detail. Data freaks will find a three-way comparison with the S20 FE 5G, S20 FE LTE and S20.

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Buy Samsungs popular fan tip Saturn


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