Buy the Corona rapid test at Aldi, Lidl and Co. – Here you can find the self-tests for at home


Corona rapid tests are also available from many discounters, in supermarkets and online. We give an overview of where you can buy the self-tests.

Kassel – During the Corona*-Pandemic are Rapid test one of the most effective ways to get a infection with the coronavirus can be proven without symptoms. So that as many people as possible can be tested, there are now free corona rapid tests in many pharmacies, doctors and test centers. If you want to test yourself regardless of opening times and waiting times, you can buy self-tests for at home.

The Corona self-tests are now available in many supermarkets, discounters and online shops. The demand is immense. Time and again, allotments are sold out within a very short time. This was the first experience Aldi * made.

Aldi, Lidl and Co .: These supermarkets offer rapid corona tests

As the first Discounter Aldi Nord * and Aldi Süd * offered corona self-tests. The self-tests were in some Aldi branches sold out within minutes. After that, resourceful buyers offered the self-tests at horrendous prices on Ebay and there was also criticism of the self-tests, because it should have been possible to receive a certificate without having done the corona test *.

Corona self-tests from the discounter or drugstore are currently very popular and sell out quickly. The tests for at home can be bought here. (Symbol image)

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Buy the Corona rapid test: Here you can find the self-tests for at home

Also the discounter giant Lidl followed within a very short time. Lidl * has so far only offered the corona rapid tests in the online shop. Drugstore markets like dm, Rossmann and Müller have also included the self-tests in their range. The application of the self-tests is mostly based on an identical procedure: A nasal swab must be taken for the test. The Brands and Prices differ depending on the supermarket huge. It’s worth making a comparison.

An overview of the supermarkets, drugstores and discounters where there are corona self-tests. The availability of the Corona self-tests can change at short notice.

  • Aldi North / Aldi South: There are currently three different corona rapid tests in Aldi branches. First of all, the discounters offered the self-test “Aesku Rapid SARS CoV-2 self-test” (pack of 5, 24.99 euros). The range has now been expanded to include the “Boson Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test” (1 pack, 4.95 euros) and the “Hotgen Novel Coronavirus Antigen Test” (1 pack, 4.95 euros). “Due to the high demand, the items may still be out of stock for a short time. The markets are continuously receiving new goods, ”writes Aldi. A larger online offer is to follow, at Aldi Süd the tests “Hotgen Antigen Rapid Test” (pack of 20, 89.99 euros) are sold out online.
  • Lidl: So far, the discounter has only offered the corona rapid tests via its online shop. The self-tests there are currently sold out. The test sold by Lidl is the “Corona SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test Boson” (pack of 5, 21.99 euros). According to Lidl, the self-tests will be “available again soon”, and self-tests will soon be offered in the branches.
  • Rewe: Rewe has the Boson quick test in the online shop (pack of 5, € 24.99). It has been in Rewe’s branches since mid-March Corona self-tests. However, the goods could be out of stock quickly there too.
  • Real: The supermarket chain Real (becomes Kaufland) offers several corona rapid tests in the online shop. Including the Corona self-test from Hotgen (1 pack, 9.56 euros), this is also sold in Real branches. There is also a test by Boson (pack of 1, EUR 15.51) and a test by Clungene (pack of 25, EUR 179.90).
  • Net: At Netto there are corona quick tests in the online shop. The antigen test from Hotgen (1 pack, 4.99 euros or 20 pack, 88 euros).
  • dm: The drugstore chain dm has three different corona rapid tests in its online range. These are the Corona self-test from Hotgen and the tests from Boson and Lyher (each: 1 pack, 4.95 euros). All tests are currently sold out online. Boson’s rapid test may be available in some branches.
  • Rossmann: Corona rapid tests are also available in the online shop of the Rossmann drugstore chain. The antigen self-tests from Hotgen (1 pack, 4.99 euros) and Lyher (1 pack, 6.99 euros) are currently out of stock. According to the company, the rapid tests are available at the checkout in branches.
  • Douglas: Perfumery Douglas has three different corona rapid tests on offer. The Boson rapid antigen test is available in the online shop (1 pack, 7.99 euros). AMP’s rapid antigen test (pack of 10, EUR 64.99) and the Aesku Rapid test (pack of 5, EUR 32.99) are out of stock online, but may be available in some branches.
  • Müller: The drugstore chain Müller also has the corona rapid tests for the brands Boson (1 pack, 4.95 euros), Lyher (1 pack, 4.95 euros) and Hotgen (1 pack, 4.95 euros) in the online shop. The products are currently out of stock. According to the company, there are self-tests in the branches, but there are probably also limited contingents there.
  • Edeka: There is no online shop at Edeka, but the supermarket chain has added the Corona self-tests to its range in the branches. In branches in Hamm and Lüdenscheid, signs indicated that the Hotgen company’s corona self-tests for at home are available on request at the checkout (1 pack, 4.99 euros), reports *.

The Contingents in the branches and online shops of discounters, supermarkets and drugstores fluctuate daily. who Corona self-tests want to buy, for whom it is worth checking the availability more often. (Sarah Neumeyer) * and are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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