BVB-Zoff with Portugal: Now Raphael Guerreiro is flying back to Dortmund


BVB is in trouble because of Raphael Guerreiro, who is currently injured. Now Borussia Dortmund reacts blankly to a decision by the Portuguese association.

Update, Tuesday (March 23rd), 3:09 p.m .: This trip made as much sense as a possible return of spectators to the Bundesliga stadiums at Easter. The injured Raphael Guerreiro (27) is now returning to Dortmund from the Portuguese national team as a complete surprise.

Raphael Guerreiro (BVB): Portugal’s national coach Fernando Santos sends him back to Dortmund

He was not fit, said national coach Fernando Santos (66) on Tuesday (March 23). So exactly what the BVB officials had put on record several times in the days before.

Michael Zorc and Sebastian Kehl described a trip to Portugal to the national team as “meaningless”. One cannot understand Raphael Guerreiro’s request.

Raphael Guerreiro (BVB): Dortmund-Portugal and back in the middle of the corona pandemic

BVB officials had previously emphasized that the left-back, who was strong in attack, would “hopefully stay in Dortmund”. But in vain.

Although Raphael Guerreiro has been out injured for weeks, the Portuguese Football Association nominated the BVB professional – to send him straight back home. And that in the middle of a corona pandemic.

Raphael Guerreiro (BVB) has to travel to Portugal despite an injury – in the corona pandemic

Update, Sunday (March 21st), 4 p.m .: The trouble threatened, now it’s there. Raphael Guerreiro has to travel to the national team. And that although there are several reasons against it.

The Portuguese is injured. Muscular problems in the calf plague him, which is why he wasn’t even in the squad in BVB’s 2-2 draw against 1. FC Köln. In addition, the corona pandemic is still ruling the world, and travel is not recommended anyway. Nevertheless, Raphael Guerreiro is supposed to arrive at the Portuguese national team on Monday, like them Ruhr news messages.

The BVB die has been cast: Raphael Guerreiro has to join the national team injured

At BVB there is astonishment at this decision: Sebastian Kehl, Borussia’s licensed player, said: “Raphael Guerreiro has not been able to train with the team for two weeks. Why the Portuguese association is still requesting it is not clear to us and we cannot understand that against the background of the pandemic. “

He and BVB would hope “that associations and players do their utmost to ensure that the boys return healthy,” said Kehl.

BVB: Raphael Guerreiro from Borussia Dortmund should join the national team despite injury (initial report)

First report: Dortmund – If Borussia Dortmund has to leave their top performer Raphael Guerreiro (27) for international matches, it is usually associated with misfortune. Now a new chapter looms in a story full of injuries.

Name Raphael Guerreiro
Born December 22, 1993 (age 27), Le Blanc-Mesnil, France
size 1,7 Meter
Beginning of career 2012
Current teams Borussia Dortmund (# 13 / defender), Portuguese national soccer team (# 5 / defender)

BVB professional Raphael Guerreiro came back injured several times from international matches

When Raphael Guerreiro moved from FC Lorient to BVB in the summer of 2016, he played exactly six Bundesliga games in the black and yellow jersey. Then there was a trip to the national team of Portugal. In Andorra he tore a muscle fiber.

Just a month later, the next muscle injury followed after an international match. The shocking result: Raphael Guerreiro was only able to play nine of 17 games in his first Bundesliga season.

BVB: Raphael Guerreiro with unspeakable injury legend for the Portugal national team

And so it went on seamlessly: In 2017 he broke an ankle with the national team, followed by two more muscle fiber tears in 2018. Each on an international trip, of course. This season, Raphael Guerreiro played nine of 34 Bundesliga games for BVB.

In November 2020, the muscle pinched again during a Nations League trip, and Raphael Guerreiro left his national team injured again. Now the next chapter of an unspeakable injury saga will probably follow.

BVB professional Raphael Guerreiro injured: trips to international matches were often the reason.

© Jürgen Fromme via Kirchner-Media

BVB: Raphael Guerreiro is injured, Portugal still nominates him for international matches

The curiosity: This time Raphael Guerreiro is already injured before he starts the international trip. The injured all-rounder has been suffering from a torn muscle fiber in his calf since the beginning of March.

Coach Edin Terzic has already announced that he will also be absent from BVB’s upcoming Bundesliga game against 1. FC Köln (to the live ticker). And yet Portugal does not want to give up its nomination for the internationals that follow.

BVB problem child Raphael Guerreiro injured: Michael Zorc with a clear international request

Despite injury, national coach Fernando Santos (66) has nominated him for the World Cup qualifiers against Azerbaijan, Serbia and Luxembourg. In view of Raphael Guerreiro’s previous injury history at international matches, a more than courageous decision.

BVB sports director Michael Zorc (58) reacted with concern to the problem at the press conference before the game against 1. FC Köln. “With us he will fail. It would be in everyone’s interest if he didn’t have to take this trip, ”he admitted diplomatically.

BVB sports director Michael Zorc can only appeal to Raphael Guerreiro to reason with Portugal

The problem is: Borussia Dortmund has to turn off Raphael Guerreiro even though he is still injured. The situation would be different if, for example, a trip to an official corona risk area threatened a 14-day quarantine.

But that is not the case here. “The respective medical departments are in exchange, Rapha also with his trainers,” said Michael Zorc. At BVB one now hopes that the Portuguese association will show some understanding after all.

BVB all-rounder Raphael Guerreiro: is the neverending injury story going on now?

Otherwise, the next chapter in the never-ending story of Raphael Guerreiro’s injuries in the international match threatens in Dortmund. Michael Zorc has a bad feeling: “We are walking on the floor of the parking obligations. If the Portuguese insist, it will be difficult. “

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