By invitation: Menderes unloaded from the DSDS live show


What a jumble of DSDS! In the past few days, the developments around the RTL casting show have been more like a roller coaster ride. First Dieter Bohlen (67) reported sick for the next two live shows and abruptly put an end to his chief juror era. Then there were various discussions about his jury replacement. And now it became a true one too DSDS-Icon thrown out of the live shows: Menderes (36) was supposed to appear in the final – but now he’s been unloaded again!

The 36-year-old was originally planned to be with a few others DSDS-Stars like Alexander Klaws (37), Juliette Schoppmann (41) and Pietro Lombardi (28) performed the classic “We Have A Dream”. But Dieters spontaneous sickness notification now nullifies this plan, since this appearance was apparently planned for his departure. How picture now reported is Meander has been unloaded. According to the production company UFA Show & Factual, the project is “put on hold” by the latest developments. Whether the other ex-DSDS-Stars will still occur is not yet known.

Not just about being spontaneous DSDS-Menderes is sad out of here, Poptitan too Dieter he will probably miss it very much. “I would like to have with you Dieter Bohlen sung again at the end. DSDS without him is unimaginable “he explained. Nevertheless, he wishes the jury with substitute juror Thomas Gottschalk (70) only the best for the upcoming shows.

Menderes Bagci and Dieter Bohlen
Menderes Bagci on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”
Menderes and Dieter Bohlen

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invitation Menderes unloaded DSDS live show


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