CA Immo 2020 operationally better – but a third less net profit | 03/24/21


The listed CA Immo also earned better operationally in 2020 as a whole; the bottom line was that due to several factors, a third less net profit remained. The EBITDA grew by 14 percent to 195.6 million euros, up to September the increase was only 3 percent. The consolidated result was ultimately 35 percent below 2019 at EUR 254.0 million, announced CA Immo on Wednesday evening.

Rental income rose by 7 percent to EUR 235.6 million, while the net rental income improved by 8 percent to EUR 209.7 million. The cash generation figure FFO I (excluding sales and before taxes) remained practically unchanged at EUR 133.8 million, while FFO II (including sales and after taxes) grew by 15 percent to EUR 141.1 million. The company’s total assets rose by 16 percent year-on-year to EUR 6.82 billion. Net debt increased by 14 percent to 1.89 billion euros.

The real estate assets by market value gained 8 percent to 5.60 billion euros. The total usable space fell slightly by 3 percent to 1.555 million m2, the occupancy rate remained almost the same at 94.8 (96.1) percent, and the gross yield on the portfolio fell from 5.5 to 5.2 percent.

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Immo operationally net profit


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