Cairo skyscraper collapsed: 18 dead and several injured


The state newspaper “Al-Ahram” reported on Saturday evening that 18 bodies were recovered from the rubble. Previously, there were officially five fatalities and 24 injured.

The nine-story building in the east of Cairo collapsed on Saturday night, as the state news website “Al-Ahram” reported. Governor Khaled Abdel Aal drove “immediately” to the scene of the accident. The accident happened according to the information in the Gesr Suez district in the east of the metropolis. On behalf of the governor, a team of experts should now check the houses around the collapsed building – and find the cause of the accident.

The newspaper “Al-Masri al-Jum” published a video of rescue workers looking for victims under rubble at night. The cause of the accident initially remained unclear. Residential building collapses are not uncommon in Egypt. One reason is the large number of buildings without permits, poor maintenance of older buildings and poor enforcement of building safety regulations. A technical committee is now to clarify in Cairo how it came to the latest disaster.


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Cairo skyscraper collapsed dead injured


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