Can only be played online on PC, although it has no online functions


Hardtarget wrote:?Today 15:40

But that only works for a short time. After a few days, Steam wants to be online again, otherwise the games will no longer start there despite offline mode. Also makes sense, otherwise you could pass on your account an infinite number of times on an offline basis for free. Only cracks help in the long run.

How long has it been supposed to be?
My father has been using Steam offline with my account for over 3 years because he is a Bejeweled fan. He doesn’t know anything about Steam etc., except that when the game is started a short window shows that the game is now being started (my father is not very computer savvy).
Google search seems to confirm that nothing has changed since then either. If so: Please post the source.
If a game still wants to go online after a few days, it’s the game, not Steam …
Short funfact: Because of the online compulsion, I will never buy a game from the Bethesda Launcher again, because the thing cannot even be in offline mode. My only game on it (Doom Eternal) caused trouble for Telekom (there is also a corresponding thread in the Beth forum), which is why the game constantly interrupted the gameplay to inform me that the internet check could not be carried out and of course deactivated all possible features to give me the impression that I am a second class customer without an internet connection …

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played online online functions


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