Capcom’s survival horror celebrates its 25th anniversary


The first Resident Evil was released on March 22, 1996 (from 4,00 at buy) under the name Biohazard in Japan for the PlayStation and marked an impressive debut for the series, which was to experience ups and downs within the main series over the next 25 years, reinventing itself again and again and producing various offshoots. With Alone in the Dark or its intellectual predecessor Sweet Home, attempts had already been made to establish horror in video games, but Capcom, under the project management of Shinji Mikami, achieved a breakthrough in the mainstream with Resident Evil and coined the genre name “Survival Horror “. The success of the PlayStation, with which the brand was associated despite later implementations on other platforms, may also have contributed to the great success – it is not for nothing that Resident Evil is one of the most commercially successful games on the first Sony console. As a result, a wave of horror games was unleashed, especially on the consoles – one of the most prominent examples is certainly Silent Hill by Konami.
But apart from video games, Resident Evil also paved its way into pop culture: In addition to comics and merchandise, it was above all the movies with Milla Jovovich that contributed to the growing awareness of the brand. There are also various CGI films with the well-known heroes of the games and current plans for a Netflix series. The next CGI film Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will also be released by the streaming provider. In the cinema, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City will also be rebooted in September.

In the news talk, Eike and Micha talked about the background, the influence and the development of the series with its ups and downs.

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Congratulations on the 25th anniversary, old horror house!

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Capcoms survival horror celebrates #25th anniversary


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