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Bitcoin is on everyone’s lips at the moment – but who knows Litecoin, Cardano or Stellar?

All of these are small cryptocurrencies that often fluctuate even more than Bitcoin. In other words: With them, even higher returns are possible – but of course the risk is correspondingly higher. Here are a few recent winners:

example 1

► Cardano ∙ One-year performance: 3506 percent
Example 2

► Ethereum ∙ One-year performance: 1423 percent

But you can also spread the risk with cryptocurrencies. Anyone who continues to believe in a bright future for digital currencies as a whole can invest in the ten most important ones at the same time.

▶ ︎ This can be done, for example, via the ETP “21Shares Bitwise Select 10 ETP” (ISIN: CH0475986318). It can be traded at most of the major German online banks. An ETP (Exchange-Traded Product) works for the investor like an ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund), but has a different name because it is not issued as a fund.

But be careful: The certificate largely depends on the Bitcoin, it is weighted at around 78 percent. It is followed by Ethereum with around 16 percent and Cardano with around three percent weighting.
The remaining coins have a share of one or less percent. But if they multiply in value, this will also drive up the certificate.

∙ One-year performance of the certificate: 1024 percent.

Small disadvantage: It costs 2.5 percent fees annually. However, if the crypto boom continues as it has in the past few months, it should be bearable.

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