Carl Philip & Sofia from Sweden: Why a lot changes with their 3rd baby


Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden have had a baby! But there are some traditions that your third child may have different.

Carl Philip (41) and Sofia of Sweden (36) float in baby happiness! With the birth of their third child, they can welcome the newest member of the Swedish royal family. After their sons Prince Alexander (4) and Prince Gabriel (3), Carl Philip and Sofia welcomed their third son on March 26th. While there is still uncertainty about the name of the young royal, one thing is certain: With the third baby, things will be different for Carl Philip and Sofia of Sweden.

Princess Sofia’s baby is still slumbering in mom’s tummy! You can see the cuddly wrapped baby ball of the Swede in the video above.

Carl Philip and Sofia of Sweden have to do without this tradition with their baby

It is probably the sweetest tradition of the Swedish royal family: a few hours after the birth, the new royal parents usually appear in front of the Swedish press with their newborn baby. It was always happy and exhausted faces that presented their offspring to the world with a smile. But according to reports from the Swedish newspaper “Svensk Damtidning”, there will be no such press conference for the third child of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.

“The birth itself is influenced by the coronavirus. Because of the pandemic, everything will be a little different this time,” said the palace’s press spokeswoman, Margareta Thorgren, to the Swedish newspaper, adding: “When the child is born, the Reichsmarschall will send a communiqué, as is customary for a royal birth, and we will inform you of the various ceremonial stages. ” However, the sweet press conference falls flat.

Carl Philip & Sofia of Sweden: This is the consequence of King Carl Gustaf’s decision for their baby

But not only the prevailing pandemic, also that Downsizing the Swedish court raised some questions about the traditional processes after the royal baby is born. Already in autumn 2019, two years after the birth of little Gabriel, King Carl Gustaf (74) announced that the Swedish royal family will be significantly reduced in size. Only Crown Princess Victoria (43) and her family have been part of the royal nuclear family since then, along with the royal couple. This also has consequences for Carl Gustaf’s grandson: While Princess Estelle (9) and Prince Oscar (5) continue to bear the title of “Royal Highness” as the children of the Crown Princess, the children of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia as well as the offspring of the Princess must Madeleine (38) waived this title. This not only applies to Alexander and Gabriel, but also to the new royal offspring of Carl Philip and Sofia.

New addition to the family of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden! See her first gorgeous family photo “of five” in the video below.

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Carl Philip & Sofia of Sweden: more time for their growing family

But this downsizing of the Swedish royal family also has some advantages for Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia and their growing family. With the loss of the title comes the loss of great responsibility. There is now much more space in Carl Philip and Sofia’s royal calendar as the couple have fewer tasks for the Swedish royal family. Both the family of the prince couple and Princess Madeleine, who lives with her husband Chris O’Neill (46) and their three children in the USA, and their family should be viewed “more as private persons”, as “Svensk Damtiding” quotes the Swedish court . Carl Philip and Sofia can now enjoy more time with their children and are definitely looking forward to the exciting stage for five.

But that’s not all: The ongoing corona pandemic could thwart another Swedish baby tradition that has become dear to the world. The thanksgiving service “Te Deum”, at which the royal family traditionally comes together, could fall into the water for Carl Philips and Sofia’s baby, depending on the developments in the infection process in Sweden. But the head of information at the Swedish court gives hope: “A corona-safe Te Deum is conceivable,” she revealed “Svensk Damtidning”.


The baby is coming soon - but where is the belly?

Carl Philip & Sofia of Sweden
The baby is coming soon – but where is the belly?
In a few weeks she will be mom for the third time – and you can see that! Not only is her stomach growing, Sofia from Sweden also seems to be getting more and more beautiful.

Will this Tradition take place at Prince Carl Philips and Princess Sofia’s baby?

Will anything change for Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia when their third baby is born? The Swedish court has published an official statement on the birth of the prince’s baby, but it is unclear whether the traditional “Konselj” will also take place. Until 2019 it was customary for the king to convene the “Konselj”, a meeting of the government of Sweden chaired by King Carl Gustaf, and to announce the name of the addition to the Swedish royal family. But to what extent this process will change remains unclear. Princess Madeleine’s daughter Adrienne (3) was last born in the Swedish royal family three years ago and was thus before the drastic changes made by Carl Gustaf.

Who knows, maybe Carl Philip and Sofia are also looking to other royal offspring: The new parents Eugenie von York (30) and Jack Brooksbank (34) announced the birth of their little angel on February 9, for example via Instagram. We would definitely be happy about a sweet family photo of the prince couple with their newborn baby!

Sofia from Sweden creates spring fever! You can see the triple mom’s refreshing pregnancy look in the video below.

Like lilac in bloom: your pregnancy look is gorgeous

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