Carmen and Robert Geiss: First coronavirus vaccination in Monaco


In their adopted home of Monaco, Carmen and Robert Geiss were vaccinated against the corona virus. The reality TV stars documented everything on their Instagram channels.

Robert and Carmen Geiss are happy to post on Instagram that they have received their first vaccination against the coronavirus. While Robert is waiting for his vaccine with the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer, Carmen films everything: “Now we go, now there are the spades. In the hope that we will then be 80 percent safe”, Robert agrees his followers.

Carmen also comments on her vaccination in an Instagram video: “We are actually good role models. Everyone should get vaccinated so that this Covid can finally come to an end, this pandemic”.

At 55 and 57 years of age, Carmen and Robert do not belong to the prioritized vaccination groups. They did not receive the vaccination in Germany, but in their adopted home Monaco. In his post, Robert emphasizes that the vaccination progress there is well ahead of the German one.

“Here in Monaco we’re a little faster, thank God, and we’re getting our first vaccination today. Now let’s hope that things will go uphill from today! ”Around 25 percent of the population in Monaco is already covered, all risk groups covered.


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Carmen Robert Geiss coronavirus vaccination Monaco


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