Carmen Geiss filmed during corona vaccination – followers beside themselves!


Carmen Geiss filmed during corona vaccination – followers beside themselves! “One should still say that everyone is the same”

March 26, 2021 at 6:50 pm

Millionaire wife Carmen Geiss.  (Archive photo)
Millionaire wife Carmen Geiss. (Archive photo)
Photo: IMAGO / Eibner

Phew, the outcry is possibly justified …

Corona is still holding the world in a stranglehold. Vaccine is very scarce, at least in Germany, and other countries in Europe are not doing easily either. Has now Carmen Geiss posted a video that makes her fans and followers pretty angry.

The content: Carmen Geiss can be filmed while vaccinating. How can that be? After all, the TV star is only 55 years old and does not otherwise belong to a risk group. Is there a celebrity or wealthy bonus included? Carmen Geiss?

Carmen Geiss gets corona vaccination – “One should still say that everyone is the same”

In the video that Carmen Geiss published on Instagram, you can see the RTL2 actress sitting on a chair while she gets the syringe stabbed in the arm. Robert Geiss’s voice can be heard behind the camera: “You already had Corona. But I think the vaccination is easier than lying in bed with a fever for 14 days because of Corona. “

Some fans of Carmen Geiss congratulate her for this action. “Super! We need such role models! ”Writes one user. But the majority of the comments are much more critical. Impfneid immediately spreads among the followers: “One should still say that everyone is the same. Even my mother, aged 85, has not yet had an appointment. Words fail me. ”The fans only have one question left:“ Since when have 50-year-olds been allowed to be vaccinated? ”


This is Carmen Geiss:

  • Carmen Schmitz was born on May 5, 1965 in Cologne
  • In 1982 she was voted “Miss Fitness”
  • In 1994 she married the entrepreneur Robert Geiss
  • The couple has two daughters: Davina Shakira (* 2003) and Shania Tyra Maria (* 2004)
  • Together they have been the main actors in the RTL2 show “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family” since 2011
  • Carmen Geiss sang the title song “Jet Set” for the show


Carmen Geiss (55) is vaccinated – How can this be possible?

Robert Geiss also lets his wife Carmen film him as he receives the corona vaccination. How can that be? In Germany, the focus is initially on vaccinating people aged 65 and over. The Geissens obviously do not belong to this group. The couple appear very healthy, so they do not seem to belong to the risk group. In addition, they are not employees of medical institutions, law enforcement officers or teachers. Did the Geissens buy the vaccination? No, bullshit.

Robert and Carmen Geiss have lived in Monaco for many years. In the city-state on the French Mediterranean coast, significantly more people are currently being vaccinated than in Germany. As reported by “”, 24.84 out of 100 inhabitants in Monaco are said to have already been vaccinated. For comparison: According to this table, in Germany it is only 9.80.


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So it is not surprising that it is now Robert and Carmen Geiss’s turn. “Everyone should get vaccinated so that this Covid finally comes to an end,” Carmen urges her fans. Well, if only it were so easy everywhere …

Only a few weeks ago, the native of Cologne received a shit storm on Instagram. You can find out the reason here.

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