Caro and Andreas Robens open a new restaurant in the former “Faneteria”


For Daniela Büchner, the final closure of her husband’s “Faneteria” was associated with many tears, as we show in the video above. “Somehow I couldn’t keep the dream, somehow I couldn’t make it,” she explains sadly in the RTL interview. After all, the Malle-Café was the treasure of her great love Jens. So what does she think of Andreas, Caro, Kim and Ercan’s plans? In her Instagram story, she addresses the entrepreneurs with lovely words: “I really, really wish you all the best! You have my fullest respect for doing something completely new in Corona times. I think that’s great.”

One thing, however, is anything but great, as she admits in her Insta story. Because a painting of her and her deceased husband still shines on a wall of the former “Faneteria”. She made it clear several times that she didn’t have time to paint it over herself. She finds it disrespectful that the portrait can now be seen in photos and videos of the handover of the keys on the Internet. And she is not alone in that. Her daughters also stand by her on Instagram and strengthen her back.

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Caro Andreas Robens open restaurant Faneteria


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