Caroline Frier: After the divorce, ex Dirk Borchardt also found love


The TV star talks about his long-distance relationship and his father, who has dementia.

Secret affaire, unscrupulous Mörthe or loving husband – Dirk Borchardt (52) can play them all. In the BUNTE interview, the popular TV star shows his thoughtful side and gives an insight into his new life after the divorce from fellow actor Caroline Frier (38). Übhe had reported the separation of the Berlin actor exclusively to BUNTE last year. For the first time he also speaks openly übhe describes his father’s dementia and how he deals with it as a son. Also in his new film “NäcHste exit Glück “the actor has to deal with the disease.

BUNTE: In your new film you meet your childhood sweetheart again after 30 years and fall in love again. Do you also believe in one great love?

Oh god, you’re asking the right person. I was only recently divorced. I believe in all questionslle that love can rekindle immediately after so many years.


Caroline Frier
She has known her newcomer for 30 years
In BUNTE, Caroline Frier shows her new friend for the first time, whom she has known for 30 years. And reveals that she is no longer married!

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You were with actress Caroline Frier for almost seven years. How are you after the divorce?

I’m very happy right nowcdelicious and satisfied. My ex-wife Caroline and I are still on friendly terms and I have a new life partner who lives in Vienna. At the moment I’m also commuting between Berlin and Vienna.

New love for Dirk Borchardt

How beautifulnthat you are taken again. So you didn’t show any signs of a midlife crisis after the breakup?

Maybe I’m leaning far out of the window now, but I don’t think I’ve had a midlife crisis. If you are curious and knowledgeabler remains free, you don’t necessarily have to go through crises. But I’ve been on the road so much in my life and I’ve been to different citiesdten lived. HuhtWhen I was young, I got married, built a house, and started a familyndet, wäre the situation may be different.

Was young talent ever an issue?

I huhtloved having children. Maybe it will still work.

You can read the whole story in BUNTE 10/2021, available from Thursday (March 4th) at the kiosk or directly online with one BUNTE Inside subscription.




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