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Three points of contention are still being discussed

The ten associations that responded to UEFA generally share the league association’s objections European Leagues, to which the German Football League (DFL) belongs. The League Association disputes with the UEFA and the influential club association ECAwho primarily advocates the interests of the big clubs, especially by three points:

  1. Term: The proposal of the UEFA provides for the so-called “Swiss model” instead of the previously known group system in the preliminary round. Most of the participants agree to the mode. But according to the proposal, there would be ten preliminary round matches per club and one Playoff-Give round before the round of 16. This would drastically increase the number of European appointments. This is viewed critically in England, for example, where the Premier League has 20 clubs with 38 matchdays and the League Cup next to that FACup a second cup competition is held. In Germany there are concerns about the preservation of the winter break in its current form. The leagues also worry that TV money could be invested more in the European Cup and less in the national leagues. Possible compromise: The format is flexible and also possible with eight preliminary round matches per team.
  2. Who plays: In the Champions League 36 teams are to play instead of the previous 32 teams. The UEFA and the ECA want one of the four additional places in France League 1 who would then have three permanent places in the group stage – there is agreement on that. The other three places, on the other hand, are controversial. UEFA and ECA want to couple two or three of the starting places partially to the position of clubs in a ten-year ranking – a rescue network for ailing big clubs. The league association, however, calls for three more national champions as participants in the Champions League. Possible compromise: Only one or two places are linked to the ranking list.
  3. Money: The European Leagues see in the money distribution in the Champions League the main reason the leagues get boring. Many leagues have developed permanent champions such as Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain or Juventus Turin. That is why the European Leagues are calling for the payments to be doubled to clubs that do not participate in European competition. Currently four percent of the total income goes to Mainz 05, Werder Bremen or 1. FC Köln in small parts. The UEFA offered only a receipt of the four percent in their proposal. Possible compromise: Return to the five percent regulation of earlier days.

Modus should apply until 2033

UEFA always defines the framework conditions for European Cup competitions for a period of three years. The sporting mode for 2021 to 2024 is already in place, when the UEFA Europa Conference League will be introduced as the third competition. The reform that is now being discussed is planned for the 2024/25 season and, according to information from the Sportschau, should apply for three cycles – i.e. nine years – until 2033.

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Champions League reform UEFA decision Wednesday Champions League football


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