Chancellery chief Braun does not offer vacation trips until August


Third corona wave
Chancellery chief Braun does not offer vacation trips until August

See in the video: Who came up with the idea for the rest days? Chancellery Minister Braun speaks in the stern / RTL interview about the Easter chaos. Video source: RTL


According to Chancellor Helge Braun (CDU), the coming weeks will decide whether Germany will get the pandemic under control. He is very concerned about possible vaccine-resistant virus mutations.

Chancellery chief Helge Braun (CDU) warns of the appearance of vaccine-resistant mutations in the current third corona wave. “We are in the most dangerous phase of the pandemic,” said Braun of “Bild am Sonntag”. The coming weeks would decide whether Germany could foreseeably get the pandemic under control. “If the number of infections rises rapidly at the same time as the vaccination, the risk increases that the next virus mutation will become immune to the vaccine.”

In the event of such a mutation, “we would be left empty-handed again,” warned the CDU politician. “Then we would need new vaccines, then we would have to start vaccinating all over again.” That must be prevented under all circumstances. “We mustn’t jeopardize the chance of a largely normal summer by loosening up a few weeks too early.”

Braun for “regional curfews in the evening and at night”

It remains “imperative that we bring the corona infections back down,” said Braun. For this, instead of the “Easter rest period”, which has since been withdrawn, there must be regional curfews. “So that the infection does not get out of control, in regions with incidences over 100 not only easing measures have to be withdrawn, but additional measures have to be taken.” Braun cited “regional curfews in the evening and at night” as examples, because private meetings have the highest infection rates.

If everything goes well, the infection situation would relax in May and travel would be possible again from August, Braun predicted in the interview. “At Whitsun we will see the first positive effects – provided that the situation does not get out of hand by then.” It is true that traveling at Easter is “simply not responsible” – but: “I think it is realistic that travel will be possible again in August.”

Braun named testing in companies as an important step in containing the virus. If at least two thirds of the companies do not test their employees twice a week by the beginning of April, then there should be compulsory testing instead of the current voluntary commitment by industry.

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Chancellery chief Braun offer vacation trips August


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