Chancellor on International Women’s Day: Merkel warns of old role models


Status: 06.03.2021 13:56

Chancellor Merkel has called for further efforts for more equality. Women should finally earn the same as men. And the pandemic should not lead to falling back into old role models.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned against falling back into role models believed to have been overcome during the corona pandemic. The Chancellor said in her current podcast, in which she looks at International Women’s Day on Monday, that it is increasingly women who have mastered the balancing act between homeschooling, childcare and their own jobs.

Merkel also explicitly criticized the behavior of those responsible in politics and business. A look at the management levels there shows that they have not yet reached their goal. “It cannot be that women play a decisive role in our societies and at the same time are not equally involved in important decisions in politics, business and society.” International Women’s Day on March 8th exhorts “to repeatedly question critically what is still missing on the way to gender equality”.

Only 12.3 percent share of women on DAX boards

Even in Merkel’s own “management level”, the cabinet, there is no complete equality. But things are comparatively good: Of the 15 ministerial posts, six are held by women – 40 percent of them are women. Then there is the boss – Merkel herself.

The situation is different at the management levels of the economy: At the beginning of March 613 men and 86 women work on the boards of the 160 companies in the DAX family, including the MDAX and SDAX. This corresponds to a share of women of 12.3 percent.

“Parity in all areas of society”

The efforts of the federal government are about equal opportunities for men and women and about real equality, said Merkel in her podcast. “This also includes: women must finally be able to earn as much as men.”

“Parity” is necessary in all areas of society. The Chancellor was convinced that a recently introduced quota rule for board members would strengthen the economy in Germany.

Merkel urges more equality

Uwe Jahn, ARD Berlin, March 6, 2021 2:06 p.m.

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Chancellor International Womens Day Merkel warns role models


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