Chemtrails over the Country Club


    A light breeze, the sun struggling to reach the sky, a spring day or, oh, you can dream, even a summer day that begins.

If there is a soundtrack for this mood, it could come from a Lana Del Rey who became an icon at a young age. “Chemtrails over the Country Club” is Del Rey’s seventh studio album and, like all previous ones, it takes you into these intangible moments.

But this time Lana Del Rey, who, along with her musical output, always seems to have fallen slightly out of time, has caught a point in history where this escape and with it all the fragility and fragility are very welcome. Like on a summer’s day when the heat is getting stronger, there is always a bit of ruin under everything in the new eleven songs by the US singer.

Whether the opener “White Dress”, “Dance Till We Die”, “Wild At Heart” … there are hardly any surprises on “Chemtrails over the Country Club”, musically the 35-year-old moves on the familiar, slightly distant and also right catchy paths.

It’s not always exciting, it creates a certain monotony and the feeling of having experienced it all before. But even a summer’s day can sometimes be boring, and it is precisely this wonderful boredom and expectancy that allows us to relax.

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Chemtrails Country Club


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