Christoph Metzelder: Why does his girlfriend still stick with him?


Christoph Metzelder has to answer to the local court for procuring possession of child pornography. He faces up to five years in prison. He denies the allegations. His girlfriend Isabelle is at his side.

For parts of the public it is the judgment in criminal proceedings against Christoph Metzelder (40) already fallen: guilty. In social media, the former football national becomesplayer hostile. Most of his old companions distanced themselves from him and broke off business contacts. His family and his old soccer friend Benedikt Höwedes (32), with whom he invests in real estate, stand by him. And his longtime girlfriend Isabelle. She stayed with him even when she learned that Metzelder was being investigated on suspicion of possession and procuring of possession of child pornography. Christoph Metzelder, the District Court of Düsseldorf announced in a statement, “opposes the allegations”. The presumption of innocence applies until a legally binding conclusion of proceedings.

If there is a conviction in the Metzelder case as well, a legal dispute threatens

The trial against Metzelder begins on April 29th at the Düsseldorf District Court. judge Astrid Stammerjohann (46) is considered experienced and with strong nerves. She sentenced the husband of the former president of the Essen regional court Gudrun Jockels (56) to a fine for allegedly threatening his landlord’s partner. The guilty verdict became allthing repealed by the regional court. If there is a conviction in the Metzelder case as well, there is a risk of litigation, which – if the legal process is included Retrial is exhausted – can take up to ten years. Metzelder’s former lawyer wanted to prevent a trial and informed the court that the soccer star admitted the alleged acts in order to close the proceedings with a penalty warrant. Much to the annoyance of his client, the one with the Cologne defense attorney Ulrich Sommer (69) hired a new lawyer.

He changed the strategy and left the renowned criminal lawyer Bernd von Heintschel-Heinegg (75) prepare an expert opinion on the alleged confession. The result: Since it did not come from Metzelder himself, but from his lawyer, it was not usable. His client is innocent.

You can read the whole story in BUNTE 10/2021, available from Thursday (March 4th) at the kiosk or directly online with one BUNTE Inside subscription.


Christoph Metzelder
His lawyer: the key witness is trying to “gloss over her actions”
The key witness in the case of Christoph Metzelder gave a long newspaper interview. Now the lawyer for the former national soccer player reacts and does not mince his words.

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Christoph Metzelder girlfriend stick


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