“Citizens’ attorney” on ongoing criticism of the Covid-19 vaccination registration


On March 20 at 6 p.m. on ORF 2

Vienna (OTS) Peter Resetarits will present the following contributions in the program “Bürgeranwalt” on Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. on ORF 2:

Unemployed because of an eye disease – why is retraining not financed?

Ms. H. from Upper Austria has asthenopia, an eye disease that causes pain and greatly deteriorates eyesight. Therefore, the qualified social worker can no longer work in the profession she has learned and needs retraining. But the pension insurance company finds that Ms. H. is still reasonable in the profession she has learned. Ombudsman Bernhard Achitz has taken on the case and discussed it with a representative of the PVA.

Persistent criticism of the Covid-19 vaccination registration

Many older people still have various problems with the vaccination registration system and ask to make their complaints public. Why can’t you choose your vaccine? Why is there no uniform nationwide procedure? Why does nobody feel responsible for errors in the online system?

Procurement of test lines – was a private laboratory disadvantaged?

The state of Vorarlberg has awarded the Red Cross the contract for the operation of test roads for the “free tests”. Private laboratories felt left out. As a result, the “operation of test roads” was put out to tender in February. But there is also criticism of the tender criteria.

Business interruption insurance – what does the highest court say?

Many companies have taken out “business interruption insurance”. The insurance typically also covers damage caused by “epidemics or epidemics”. With the emergence of the corona pandemic, however, a number of legal question marks have arisen – for example, whether an imposed “ban on entry” can be equated with a “company closure” or how the new Covid-19 Measures Act will affect the old epidemic law. The Supreme Court has now ruled on these terms.

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Citizens attorney ongoing criticism Covid19 vaccination registration


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