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Hacker: “Vaccination has a great effect and works fantastic” – 281,000 Viennese will at least receive initial stabbing by the end of the quarter

Vienna (OTS / RK) City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker and the medical director of the Vienna Health Association, Michael Binder, presented the new figures for the city’s vaccination plan at the Vienna City Hall today, Wednesday. Provided that the vaccination quantities are delivered as announced by the federal government, a total of 280,000 first vaccinations and over 109,000 second vaccinations will have been carried out by the end of the month, according to Hacker.

“The vaccinations in the old people’s and care facilities have largely been completed and we see a great effect of the vaccination in terms of the number of infections. The vaccines work better than expected – the vaccination works fantastic, ”said City Councilor Hacker. The residents of the Viennese old people’s and care facilities have already received the first partial vaccination, until the end of the third week of March all residents can be fully immunized with the second partial vaccination. The number of active cases of illness among residents at the end of all first partial vaccinations fell to 57 cases, which – compared with this year’s high of 437 cases – means a decrease of 87 percent. The number of people actively sick has also fallen by 59 percent since mid-January.

“The essential point when vaccinating is speed, which is also what the national vaccination committee sees. The vaccine from AstraZeneca, which is unrestrictedly approved in Europe, is not only safe, but also shows – as has been proven by studies from England, Scotland and Ireland – very effective and well tolerated in older people. Therefore, in accordance with the recommendations of the national vaccination committee, we will also use this vaccine in older age groups from the age of 65 – initially with high-risk patients in the hospitals, ”says Director Binder. “Of course we try to use Biontech-Pfizer or Moderna as a priority, but if we manage to reach more people with it, we will offer this vaccine.”

It will continue like this in the coming weeks

In total, including today, March 3rd, 93,076 people in Vienna received a first partial vaccination, of which 57,108 people were fully immunized with the second partial vaccination. In the coming calendar weeks until Easter, another 192,900 people will have received a first partial vaccination and 57,500 people both partial vaccinations. This also applies to the one thousand missing people in the in-hospital area. The following groups will also be vaccinated until the end of March: high-risk patients, educators, contact persons for pregnant women in the same household, employees in non-medical health professions, fire brigade and police as well as social institutions and pharmacies. The first partial vaccinations in facilities for the disabled will be completed in mid-March. Students in their clinical practical year and students in health professions will be vaccinated from this week; Today the Covid-19 vaccination has also started for the educational staff who will receive the first vaccination in the next three weeks. “In total, we can give 281,000 people at least one initial vaccination in the first quarter and fully immunize 109,600,” said Hacker.

This means that the first vaccination phase is about to be completed: People over 80 have been vaccinated since mid-February, vaccination starts at the end of March for those over 75 and from April 12 for those over 70. However, these plans can still change due to the change in the allocation of vaccination doses by the federal government, “the vaccination plan of the City of Vienna is exclusively dependent on the amount of vaccination doses. It’s a rolling plan, ”said City Councilor Hacker. If there are currently around 100,000 vaccine doses available for two weeks, this amount should be increased significantly in the period after Easter and then be available weekly.

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