Cold front is approaching us


After a rather spring-like week, a new cold front is on the horizon. In addition to rain and strong winds, there is sometimes even sleet and thunderstorm. But the bottom is short-lived.

Germany has to prepare for uncomfortable weather in the coming days. The low pressure area Quasimodo brings cold air currents and strong winds into the Federal Republic from the west. On Saturday there is a threat of thunderstorms and stormy gusts in many places. In isolated regions there are even snow and sleet showers. In addition, it will be significantly cooler all over Germany.

But the weather change is short-lived. A high pressure area is already on the way – and that is tough. Using the weather animations in the video above, t-online shows how accurate the weather will be in your region over the next few days.

The weather animations in the video above or here show from where the cold and wet currents spread and which areas can expect a lot of wind and rain.

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Cold front approaching


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