Cologne crime scene: ex-homeless talks about reality on the street


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It was a Cologne “crime scene” that stirred up people in front of the TV on Sunday evening: homeless women who are exposed to violence, threats and rape on the street without protection. In the film, an experienced homeless mother dies. EXPRESS spoke to the “real” Cologne street patron Linda (57) about real life on the street.

  • Cologne “Tatort” from March 21, 2021 takes place in the homeless milieu
  • Figure Monika Keller is reminiscent of street patron Linda (57)
  • EXPRESS spoke to a woman from Cologne about life on the street

For years Linda made “record” herself, as they say in the homelessness community. She has seen how dangerous it is as a woman.

Cologne “crime scene”: Ballauf and Schenk investigate on the street

“Every night you fear for your life. About your body, because hardly any woman does not experience sexual violence. “
But were Cologne Commissioners Schenk and Ballauf close to the topic?

“Just as shown in the film, it is and I experience it in my practical work. Women who come from violent relationships and are traumatized and psychologically broken and helpless, ”says Linda.

Linda from Cologne speaks about life on the street

In the film, the young homeless Ella Jung gets to know the employee of a fast food restaurant. She just suffered extreme violence in her marriage and fled to the streets. A hot shower, a night’s sleep in a warm bed, is her wish. But the nice helper wants sex.

Linda: “Bed or couch for performance. Many have come to me with this situation when they fell into the hands of a so-called apartment client. It’s hard to get a woman out of there. The problem is a lack of perspectives, accommodation and shelters. “

Cologne’s begging places are hotly contested: violence and insults

The clashes among the homeless are also characterized by uncontrolled violence. In the film, the women insult each other badly, displacing the competitor from lucrative begging places, for example around the cathedral and the main train station.

The homeless activist Linda is standing at the Wiener Platz underground station in Cologne-Mülheim on November 15, 2016.

Linda from Cologne, who also runs the “HIK – Heimatlos in Cologne” association: “The competition for the best Schnorrplatz is brutal, including beating. All of that and much more is the real world of homeless people. It’s good that it was shown in the beginning. “

Cologne “Tatort”: figure inspired by homeless activist

For many insiders it was noticeable how close the figure of the homeless mother was to the real Linda. Also visually with a peaked cap and similar clothing.

“The Tatort creators may have looked closely at my website after trying in vain to contact me. But I was sick and was in a clinic. “

Linda warns: Corona puts homeless women at risk

The “crime scene” was filmed last year when Corona had not yet paralyzed all public life.

Therefore, Linda warns: “The situation for women has worsened drastically with Corona. There are fewer sleeping places or shower facilities because of the risk of infection. Therefore, especially now women fall into the hands of the men who exploit them sexually. What is currently happening out of the public eye is simply criminal. ”

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Cologne crime scene exhomeless talks reality street


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