Cologne: Electric articulated bus from Munich celebrates its premiere at KVB


Cologne / Munich –

The KVB want to prove that Cologne can do e-buses. A total of nine environmentally friendly buses are already in use. By the end of the year, 53 more will be used on six lines. The transport company really wants to get started with the “Smart City KVB” project.

  • KVB are planning with 53 e-buses on six lines
  • Cologne transport company in the “Smart City KVB” project
  • Nine environmentally friendly buses are already in use in Cologne

From April, the KVB will be relying on a “flexible lion”. Then the “Lion’s City” from MAN goes into test operation. The fully electric articulated bus should be comfortable and, above all, emission-free. In Cologne it even celebrates its world premiere on a route in local public transport. The “Lion’s City” from the Munich manufacturer is then on route 127, one of the longest routes in the KVB bus network.

E-bus for Cologne residents: 600 kilometers of bus network in the metropolis

“It is our first fully electric articulated bus that we have delivered to a customer and that is now showing what it can do in regular service at the KVB in Cologne. That was of course a special event for us too, ”says Rudi Kuchta, Head of Business Unit Bus at MAN Truck & Bus.

Please fill up with electricity once: A KVB employee shows you how to do it.

More than 330 buses travel to around 750 stops in Cologne every day, covering a network of almost 600 kilometers. By 2030, the Cologne transport company wants to switch all bus lines to operation with electric buses. Most of the vehicles currently come from the Dutch manufacturer VDL.

E-bus for Cologne residents: drivers should change

“The vehicles for Cologne and Barcelona are part of a field test. Our goal is to collect extensive experience together with the transport companies and to continuously improve our city buses on the basis of this experience “,
so Kuchth. (MS)

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Cologne Electric articulated bus Munich celebrates premiere KVB


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