Cologne: musician Guido Mauss loses fight against leukemia


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His fate moved so many Cologne residents at the end of 2019: The guitarist of the Cologne band “5 to 12” had to fight against such an insidious disease: blood cancer. And Guido Mauss, called “Haetty”, looked like the winner. Now he has died at the age of 45, as it became known on Friday March 26th.

  • Cologne: musician Guido Mauss died
  • Cologne loses battle against blood cancer
  • Poldolski and Co. advertised a typing campaign

Numerous Cologne personalities such as Lukas Podolski or Henriette Reker also called for a major typing campaign in EXPRESS in December 2019, because “Haetty” urgently needed a suitable stem cell donor in order to survive.

Blood cancer: Cologne musician Guido Mauss has died

This was found just a few weeks later, as Sven Caßebaum, singer of the band, announced at the beginning of 2020: “The year couldn’t have started better for us,” said the happy musician with his bandmates.

And Haetty’s body accepted the donation. What happened next, describes his fiancée Daniela. It is important to her that there is no misinformation circulating, and she would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard for Haetty.

“He was released from the clinic in May. We really enjoyed the summer and were able to do what Corona allowed, ”she says. Then came the shock in November: a follow-up examination revealed that the cancer was back.

Once again, DKMS succeeded in finding a second stem cell donor. This intervention also went well. Everything seemed to be turning out well again. But then the man from Cologne suddenly got pneumonia. Too much for the weakened immune system. Haetty, who among other things was also active for the band Hanak (“Haifischzahn”) and who released the EM song “It’s about time” in 2012 with the project “Covern Deluxe”, died on Thursday, March 25th.

The Cologne music scene mourns the loss of a special colleague. “He was one of the most musical people I have ever met. A very special bird. Unpredictable, incredibly funny and behind his sometimes coarse facade a soft soul ”, wrote“ 5 to 12 ”singer Sven Caßebaum on Facebook. And JP Weber said on behalf of many colleagues to EXPRESS only: “I am very sad.”

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Cologne musician Guido Mauss loses fight leukemia


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