Coming out in October: Verlag reveals the title of the new Asterix adventure



In autumn there is news from the brave Gauls. Asterix and Obelix are ready for adventure again in Volume 39 in October.

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The new Asterix volume is called «Asterix and the Griffin».

Photo: Les Éditions Albert René / Egmont Ehapa / Goscinny-Uderzo

The comic will be released on October 21.  The first drawings have already been published on Twitter.

The comic will be released on October 21. The first drawings have already been published on Twitter.


  • The new Asterix band is called “Asterix and the Griffin”

  • The 39th volume on the adventures of the Gauls will be published in October.

  • This time, the focus of the new comic is a mythological animal.

Attention fans of Asterix and Obelix: In October the 39th volume with the adventures of the Gauls with the title “Asterix and the Griffin” will be published.

“As tradition demands, our friends are going on trips again in the new album,” writes the publisher Egmont Ehapa. The first scenes of the comic are already circulating on the Internet. While Asterix and Obelix are playing a game of Gaulish chess, the druid Miraculix, who must have just dozed off, suddenly starts up and announces that an old friend urgently needs his help. Find out where the journey is going on October 21st.

Asterix becomes mythological

Set designer Jean-Yves Ferri reveals: “We put a mythological animal at the center of the adventure. My choice fell on the griffin: half eagle, half lion and with the ears of a horse – a thoroughly enigmatic creature! ».

A few days ago it was the first anniversary of the death of Asterix co-inventor Albert Uderzo. Jean-Yves and Didier explained: “Albert trusted that we would respect the characters he created together with René Goscinny and what they stand for and continue them in new adventures. We are very upset that he is no longer with us. With the new album, which we hope will delight many readers, we are continuing the mission that he has entrusted to us. ” For the very last time, Albert brought his influence and ingenious humor to an Asterix adventure

According to the publisher, the Asterix series is one of the most successful fiction series worldwide, with around 385 million albums and translations sold in 111 languages ​​and dialects.


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Coming October Verlag reveals title Asterix adventure


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