Completely bloated! Pete Doherty is barely recognizable


Would you have recognized him? Pete Doherty (42) has made a name for himself in the past with negative headlines about his drug use. But in the past few months it has been about that The-Libertines-Member got pretty calm. There were no public appearances, and he mostly posted throwback pictures of himself online. That’s why even tough fans have to look twice at the musician’s latest recordings.

Pete has changed a lot on the outside in the past few months – that is the case with the current paparazzi recordings of Daily Mail more than clear. He was spotted walking in the seaside resort of √Čtretat in French Normandy. The gray hair hangs in strands of his puffy face, and the tight T-shirt is tight on the upper body.

Next to his dog was Pete accompanied by someone else: his girlfriend Katia de Vidas. In a good mood and smiling, the two strolled side by side. It is not known exactly since when the Briton and the musician have been together. The first couple pictures of the two appeared two years ago. Today the couple lives in a Paris suburb.

Keuenhof, Rainer / ActionPress

Pete Doherty in Berlin, 2019
Pete Doherty, Musician
Katia de Vidas and Pete Doherty, January 2021

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Completely bloated Pete Doherty barely recognizable


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