Concern about quarantine: Klopp wants to refuse international matches


Updated on March 4, 2021, 1:18 p.m.

  • Before the upcoming international break, Jürgen Klopp threatened not to release his players for their national teams.
  • The clubs, as the ones who pay the pros, must “be given top priority”, according to the Liverpool coach.

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Jürgen Klopp has threatened not to turn off the professionals of Liverpool FC for the international matches at the end of the month. “I think all clubs agree that we can’t just let the guys go and then sort out the situation when they come back by putting our players in a hotel quarantine for ten days,” said the England champions’ team manager on Wednesday.

He understands the “constraints of football associations,” said Klopp, “but it is a time when we cannot make everyone happy. And we have to admit that the players are paid by the clubs. So that means that we can do them must enjoy top priority. “

Ten-day quarantine planned for those returning to the UK

Those who travel to Great Britain from countries on the red list currently have to spend ten days in a hotel, which would apply to the Brazilian trio Alisson Becker, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho as well as the Portuguese striker Diogo Jota in the sixth place in the Premier League.

The world governing body FIFA has given the clubs a special permit. Klopp (53) apparently intends to make use of it, especially since the former Dortmund master trainer identified a connection between redundancies and new corona infections: “In recent months, whenever someone had to leave their bladder, there were more cases after the international break as previously.” (AFP / lh)

The best footballer in the world has been honored annually since 1991, the best coach only since 2010. Jürgen Klopp has met a trainer from Germany for the third time. It goes without saying that it has well-known predecessors.

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Concern quarantine Klopp refuse international matches


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