Container ship “MV Ever Given” blocks Suez Canal


Panorama „MV Ever Given“

Huge container ship lies across the Suez Canal – and blocks it

Aerial photos show the transverse ship in the canal

Aerial photos show the ship lying transversely in the canal

What: AP

The container ship “MV Ever Given” has laid across the Suez Canal. Why is still unclear. Traffic jams formed on both sides of the canal – the important transport link between Europe and Asia is completely blocked.

Ein Freighter ran aground in the Suez Canal on Wednesday night and has since blocked the important shipping route between Asia and Europe.

Several tug boats were initially in use around the freighter, as could be seen on the ship’s radars and Accordingly, congestion from container ships formed both north and south of the canal.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, said the shipping and logistics company GAC on its website. A power failure, a “blackout”, is said to have occurred on board the freighter.

Meanwhile, the British media are already talking about another possible explanation for the accident: a sudden gust of wind. The “Guardian” quotes the operating company as saying: “The container ship accidentally ran aground after an unexpected gust of wind hit it.”

Egyptian weather experts said the paper said the area was hit by strong winds and a sandstorm at the time.

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The bow of the “Ever Given” touched the eastern wall of the canal, according to data from Her stern seemed to be stuck on the western wall. She was surrounded by several tugs. A photo published on Instagram also shows the horizontal “Ever Given”.

According to, the “Ever Given” is 400 meters long and 59 meters wide. According to a United Nations database, the ship belongs to the Japanese company Shoei Kisen KK.

From China on the way to Rotterdam

The ship, built in 2018, sails under the Panamanian flag. It had come from China and on its way to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Stuck ...

Stuck …

Source: AFP

... several rescue attempts have already failed

… several rescue attempts have already failed

Source: AFP

It was initially unclear when the shipping route could be opened again. The canal authorities have not yet commented.

The Suez Canal is a waterway that connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea. It is an eminently important sea connection and the main trade route between Asia and Europe.

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Container ship blocks Suez Canal


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