Controls: 425 drivers were not allowed to leave the country


The officials at the district border in Matzendorf (district of Wr. Neustadt) wave cars to the side and check ID and coronavirus test. Most are prepared and are allowed to continue, but not all. One man does not want to have noticed anything about the exit controls so far. The police are tough – instead of going to the doctor’s appointment, he has to go to the test street beforehand.

Like him, 425 people have been doing since Thursday, most of them in the Neunkirchen district. The police emphasize that some still need to be made aware of this. So far there have been no reports for 4,600 controls. That is also not the goal, emphasizes Wiener Neustadt’s district police commander Gerhard Reitzl: “We try to act in an advisory capacity, to make people aware of the usefulness of the measures ordered.” Most would show understanding.

ORF / Christoph Koller

More than 4,600 people have been screened since exit controls began on Thursday

Police rely on surprising controls

At the on-site inspection on Friday, there were no longer delays due to the controls. But that’s also because the police only stop cars at random. A complete monitoring is not possible because of the many exit roads with the staff. The Wiener Neustadt district alone has 22 main exit routes (federal and state roads) and almost as many local roads. But so that nobody gets used to the controls, the location is changed frequently.

“I think it’s good that it is checked,” says Manuela Horvath from Felixdorf, “because if I already get tested, it should be like that.” If it helps to contain the spread of the virus, Andreas Fink from Matzendorf also speaks out in favor the controls are off, and “if something like this is decided, you should stick to it.” For most drivers, like Marco Pajer from Felixdorf, regular tests are already part of everyday life: “On the one hand, I get tested because I have contact with customers and I just want to go to work safely. “

Exit controls Wiener Neustadt Land Neunkirchen Rejections

ORF / Christoph Koller

In the community of Sollenau – due to the increased demand for corona tests – a fourth test road is now in operation

Interest in tests increases

The fact that most of them are sticking to the measures can also be felt in the test roads. In the middle of the week, an additional, fourth test road was put into operation in the municipality of Sollenau. “We notice that the test volume has been increasing in the last few days,” says the state rescue commander of the Red Cross Lower Austria, Werner Kraut, “and we naturally attribute this to the current regulations that you cannot visit the district without a corona test may leave. ”

Incidentally, this also applies to day trippers who want to go to the Semmering or Schneeberg, for example. The police see the upcoming weekend as a challenge. The local mountains of Vienna are likely to be the destination of numerous recreational athletes. But as for the locals, it also applies to non-residents that they can expect police checks at the district borders at any time in the next few days and weeks and also have to carry a negative corona test with them.

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Controls drivers allowed leave country


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