Cooperatively playable action role-playing game shooter in an overpopulated cyberpunk world


The Ascent is an action RPG shooter set in the overpopulated cyberpunk world of Veles. You can play it in solo mode or with up to three people in co-op mode (local or online). It should appear this year for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in Xbox Game Pass.
Story: “Welcome to the arcology of the Ascent Group, a corporation-run metropolis full of creatures from all over the galaxy that reaches into the sky. You are a worker and slave of the corporation – just like everyone else in your district. But one day you will become one Spiral of catastrophic events dragged in. Ascent Group ceases operations for reasons unknown, and the survival of your district is at stake. You must take up arms and find out what caused this chaos. You belong to the corporation. Can you survive without it? ? ”

The developers promise destructible environments, tactically demanding battles and a lot of firepower. In any case, in the following game scenes, the tempo of the fighting in The Ascent seems surprisingly leisurely. In addition, you will be able to adapt the characters to the desired play style using cyberware (skill points for level up, various augmentations, etc.) The prey hunt leads through the most diverse districts, from filthy slums to luxurious spheres.

Last current video: Coop trailer

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Cooperatively playable action roleplaying game shooter overpopulated cyberpunk world


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