Corona: 20 million masks, a CDU politician and the short line to Spahn


EIn March 2020, a gold rush broke out among entrepreneurs. The first wave of the pandemic rolled over Germany, and Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) urgently had to get protective masks. Without further ado, his house launched a procurement competition. In the so-called open house process, every retailer willing to deliver was made an offer that was considered extremely generous: 4.50 euros net per mask.

The offer attracted business people whose companies had absolutely nothing to do with medical protective equipment. This includes the Berlin area Invest XIII. Grundst├╝cks GmbH, which was once founded to manage real estate assets. At the beginning of April, other goals were pursued. Areal Invest submitted four offers in the procurement process and shortly afterwards received the green light for the delivery of 19,999,999 million masks. Contract value: 90 million euros.

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Corona million masks CDU politician short line Spahn


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