Corona crisis: In Great Britain we are jealous of Germany “


WNever before has the work of the administration been so much at the center of debates as in the Corona crisis. Paul Joyce is Director of Publications at the International Institutes of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) in Brussels and has worked in the public sector for years. We can reach him by phone at his home south of London.

WORLD: Mr. Joyce, you are researching agile administration in the corona crisis. Has the German government asked you for help?

Paul Joyce: No. But we know that politicians in all countries are very busy. That is why we, together with many colleagues, have been evaluating the facts since the beginning of the crisis and are continuously publishing in order to contribute to the learning process.

WORLD: Here people are shaken. In Berlin vaccination appointments apparently remain free because some do not want the vaccine from AstraZeneca, but – according to the criticism – the administration does not manage to distribute the doses differently. Do you see something like this anywhere else?

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Corona crisis Great Britain jealous Germany


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