Corona data: Flying blind through the pandemic – knowledge



Christian Endt and Sören Müller-Hansen

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) wanted to outline a way out of the crisis when it published a step-by-step plan on its website in February. A plan that the public only found out about by chance a week later. The RKI had forgotten to inform about the publication. In this case, it may not have had much of an impact. But it is an example of how there is a lack of professional communication in this pandemic. And not only that: the plan cannot be implemented in Germany at all. Because the RKI makes openings and closings dependent on several variables that are not even recorded in Germany at district level, such as how many patients with Covid have to be hospitalized (only the intensive care units are recorded) and for which proportion of those infected the contact tracing succeeds (that RKI is currently converting its software so that this could be possible in the future).

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Corona data Flying blind pandemic knowledge


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