Corona demo in Kassel: First Nena shows solidarity – now the justification follows


Singer Nena causes a stir with her story on Instagram. She thanks the participants in the Corona demo in Kassel. Days later, the management now expresses itself.

  • During one Corona-Demo in Kassel the requirements of thousands of participants are ignored.
  • Pop singer Chick thanks now on Instagram to the opponents of the corona measures.
  • Corona-News: It is not the first time that Nena talks about Corona notices.

Update from Friday, March 26th, 2021, 11:39 a.m .: Pop singer Nena’s Instagram story, in which she thanks the Corona demonstrators in Kassel, was hotly debated on the net and on social media. While many in Facebook comment columns turned away from the singer in disbelief and sometimes stunned, others cheered her for her statement.

Now Nena has defended her story. Your management shared the picture on Thursday (March 25th, 2021) with: “Nena thanked the people in Kassel who disagree with the current politics and the inhuman conditions that prevail here and who were on the street for it.” However, she does not belong to any group or party at. “The claim that Nena would join forces with ‘angry’ and ‘right-wing’ is absurd and a slap in the face of the thousands of peaceful people who demonstrated there,” the management continued.

Nena thanks the “lateral thinkers” from the Corona demo in Kassel: Management speaks out

At a request from HNA, which was asked on Tuesday evening (23.03.2021), the management has not yet responded. Of the picture opposite it further states that Nena is “naturally” neither xenophobic nor homophobic. In addition, she rejects any kind of hatred and violence, but stands for freedom, humanity and love.

Singer Nena causes a stir with her story on Instagram. She thanks the participants in the Corona demo in Kassel. (Archive image)

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After the corona demo: Nena says “Thank you Kassel” on Instagram

First report from Wednesday, March 24th, 2021: Kassel – The pop singer Chick causes renewed controversy. In your Instagram-Story she posted a disturbing message. About 40 seconds long video recordings of the escalated could be seen Corona-Demo in Kassel from Saturday (March 20th, 2021). She wrote “THANK YOU KASSEL” and added a heart symbol to the message and, probably to rule out any errors, the date of the demo.

As a reminder: To the Corona-Demo 20,000 people from all over Germany – pensioners, families and young people – flocked to Kassel to demonstrate against the Corona regulations. In doing so, they violated the requirements, left the places and route where they were allowed to demonstrate, and the majority did not wear masks. There were also attacks on journalists and police officers.

Nena: Instagram story about Kassel accompanied by a problematic song

The Story on Monday (March 22nd, 2021) the musician Jan and Xavier Naidoo underlaid. A few lines from the song: “Virologists: Studies, numbers manipulated”, “Pure brainwashing around the clock – the masses do not understand the perfidious tour”. During the story of Chick is among other things the passage “Mirror on the wall, what’s wrong with this country? This is not the country that once stood for freedom ”to hear. She also linked the whole song.

Solidarity Chick so now with the “Corona opponents“? A HNA– The request to the management of the 61-year-old singer remained unanswered until Wednesday (March 24th, 2021, at 1 p.m.). But an Instagram post from her had already sparked discussions last October. At that time she wrote that she had a deep faith in God. “And I have my common sense, the information and the Scare tacticsthat stream in from the outside, broken down into all individual parts, ”says the singer. In this way it is possible for her not to let herself be dragged into the darkness “hypnotized by fear”.

Nena irritates with a thank you message after the Corona demo in Kassel

The New Deutsche Welle icon in July 2020 the Cologne Rundschau alluding to the applicable Distance regulations: “In these times when we are not allowed to touch because some people have said that.” Also in July 2020 Chick During a drive-in concert, the moderation of a radio presenter was abruptly interrupted when she was thanking the helpers behind the stage. At the time, she apologized on the moderator’s Facebook page.

Corona crisis: Nena has often caused debates about her posts

In February 2021, Nena also set up Instagram clearly that there will “continue to be no two-class society” at their concerts. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether they are the concert-goers vaccinated be or not. While these two messages still left room for interpretation, their current message is clear in the story. (Sandra Boehm)

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Corona demo Kassel Nena shows solidarity justification


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